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What Types of Tours are on Fraser Island?

Because of its natural diversity, Fraser Island has got it covered when it comes to providing a mixed bag of tours to suit all visiting travellers.

That's right, from tag-along to guided tours, camping or resort, 1 day, 2 day and 3 day tours, there is surely something to suit every need so you can make the most out of your time on this heritage listed island.

What is there?

There are two main types of tours to choose from: Guided tours and Tag-along tours. Guided tours are conducted from a 4WD bus where your tour guide drives you around the island. Tag-along tours are made up of a convoy of vehicles driven by passengers that have smaller numbers per vehicle. Guided tours can have anywhere from 20-40 guests per vehicle, where tag along tours will have 6 - 11 people per vehicle. Day tours are generally offered as guided tours, where overnight tours have both guided and tag-along. Visitors to the island can also opt to drive their own 4WD on a self-guided tour, or rent a vehicle to drive to the island.

Budget Tours

There are both day or overnight budget tours which generally cater to 18-40 year old backpackers or travellers wanting to save some money. They attract a like-minded type of group who are looking for some fun with a more social crowd, without breaking the bank. Overnight budget tours come in the forms of both resort or camping, guided or tag-along.


Family-friendly day trips are usually conducted in special 4-wheel drive buses around the island which offer comfort and air-conditioning along with a relaxing yet interesting itinerary. Meanwhile, overnight tours which cater for families usually feature resort accommodation and again are conducted in the 4WD buses. Child and family rates may apply.


These tours cater to a wider group of people of different ages and focus on an exciting, eco-tour. These are great options for travellers who are wanting to stay away from the younger, more sociable crowd and looking for a guided tour which is all-inclusive and relaxed. Overnight tours feature resort accommodation options.

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