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Fraser Island 4WD Hire

Hire your own car during your Fraser Island adventure! Enjoy all the freedoms that come along with having your own vehicle as you make your way around the largest sand island in the world. Enjoy the thrill of exploring the sand highway and all the destinations of the island, including Eli Creek, Lake McKenzie, Indian Head and more! Choose the length of your stay and what you do with it with this flexible and independent option.

See the best of K'gari Fraser Island) with your own 2-day 4WD hire!

  • Explore the world's largest sand island in your own sturdy 4WD vehicle
  • Bring up to 6 people
  • Get an incredible, personalised itinerary
  • Traverse the island at your own pace
  • Option to add on a camping gear package

Explore K'gari (Fraser Island) in 3 days with Fraser Dingo's 4WD vehicle hire!

  • 3-day 4WD hire with optional camping package
  • Drive around K'gari at your own pace and design your own itinerary
  • Bring up to 6 people (5 people if camping)
  • A convenient and flexible way to explore the world's largest sand island



Spend 4 days adventuring around K'gari (Fraser Island) with your own 4WD vehicle!

  • 4-day 4WD hire for K'gari (Fraser Island)
  • Bring up to 6 people (5 people if booking the optional camping package)
  • A relaxing and flexible way to explore the world's largest sand island
  • Take your time visiting all the island's highlights

Embark on the ultimate adventure with a 5-day K'gari (Fraser Island) 4WD vehicle hire!

  • Drive around K'gari for 5 days at your own pace
  • Plenty of time to explore this magical island
  • Get a personalised itinerary based on the tide times, or plan your own itinerary
  • Option to add a camping package or book your own resort accommodation
Fraser Dingo 1 Day 4WD Hire
FROM: $400

Explore K'gari (Fraser Island) your way for the day with your own 4WD rental!

  • 1 Day 4WD vehicle hire with reputable local company, Fraser Dingo
  • Rent a 4WD and tour this magical island with your friends or family
  • See the highlights of K'gari (Fraser Island) at your own pace
  • Escape the crowds and plan your own itinerary

Hire a 4WD and see K'gari (Fraser Island) your own way!

  • This 4x4 and camping package will allow you to camp and explore on K'gari (Fraser Island)
  • Spend your evenings under the stars, enjoying the wilderness around you while having the freedom to roam the beaches and tracks during the day!
  • This package will give you everything you need to start your K'gari (Fraser Island) adventure
  • Check out all the sites with the freedom of your own vehicle hire

Take you Fraser Island experience to the next level with Aussie Trax: 4x4 Hire and Stay 2D1N Package

  • Explore by day and stay at a resort at night!
  • This package includes everything you will need for a self-driven trip on Fraser Island with comfortable accommodation at the Aussie Trax Motel
  • Travel at your own pace and see all the amazing sights on Fraser Island from your own 4WD
  • Enjoy the freedom of your own vehicle hire and travel in comfort!

Have the experience of a lifetime on Fraser Island on this Aussie Trax: Hire and Stay 3D2N Package!

  • Spend three days exploring what the world's largest sand island has to offer
  • Sleep in comfortable motel-style accommodation
  • Have your own 4WD vehicle to travel in, meaning the island is yours to explore
  • See the iconic sights include Lake McKenzie, the Maheno Shipwreck and Eli Creek

Only one day to see K'gari (Fraser Island)? Make the most of it with Aussie Trax longest day away!

  • Aussie Trax is the largest and longest established tour operator specialising in self drive experiences on K'gari (Fraser Island)
  • With packages suitable for all ages, tastes and budgets, they offer the perfect alternative to tour buses, ideal for those wanting to explore themselves
  • Enjoy your tour of Fraser Island your way, with the freedom of your own car hire
  • Independence and excitement await with Aussie Trax!
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