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How Much Are Tours On K'gari (Fraser Island)?

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Gabby Boucher
Updated Wed 25 Oct 2023

How much are tours on K'gari (Fraser Island)? Prices vary depending on the tour length and accommodation involved, but most tour options work out to be around $200 per day. There are options to suit all budgets as well! For example, camping tours will be cheaper than tours with resort accommodation. Resort accommodation with 3 adults will be cheaper than 1 adult getting a single room. And day tours will often be cheaper than overnight tours. But we're going to unpack the costs of different types of K'gari (Fraser Island) tours so you can make sure you're getting your money's worth! Every tour on this beautiful, rugged island will be 100% worth it!

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How Much Are Tours On K'gari (Fraser Island)?

Tours on K'gari (Fraser Island) range from around $300 for day tours, to $500-$1000 for 3-day tours, to $1500 for 5-day tours. These prices will vary based on individual tours, and it's important to read each tour page in-depth before booking. Some tours have child rates and family rates, whereas some tours are backpacker-style and are more suited towards 18-35-year-olds. If you compare all tour prices, most K'gari tours amount to around $200 per day. 

No matter what type of tour you book, almost every single tour on K'gari (Fraser Island) includes food, water, fuel, ferry transfers, national park permits, and the expertise of your experienced local guide. Overnight tours include either camping or resort accommodation as well. K'gari is a very remote and wild place, so a tour allows you to learn about the land from your guide while just relaxing and enjoying the views. It's totally worth booking a tour to experience this magical World Heritage Site!

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K'gari (Fraser Island) Day Tours 

Most K'gari day tours are in the $200 - $400 per person range. The cheapest K'gari day tours will be the large-group ones that explore the island by 4WD bus. For example, Fraser Adventure Day Tour and Fraser Adventure Nature Day Tour take a total of 24 guests and range from $200 - $240 per adult. This is the most affordable day tour you can find! K'gari Explorer Tours also runs day tours from both Hervey Bay and Rainbow Beach. These are around $260 - $280 per adult and each bus carries up to 40 guests.

You can also opt for a small-group tour, which is a bit pricier but gives you a more personalised, intimate experience. A 4-person Landcruiser tour is around $390 per person, or a 6-person Landcruiser tour is around $310 per person. You can even opt for a private day tour if you want to spend a bit more coin and explore the island with just your group and your guide!

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2-Day, 1-Night Tours

If you want a bit more time on the island, there are also some amazing overnight K'gari tours. 2-day, 1-night tours cost around $500 for camping and $1000 for resort stays. We'll quickly explain the difference between the two so you can pick the right option for your travel style!


Camping tours are a fun way to immerse yourself in the island's wilderness! Camping tours are also tag-along tours, meaning you can participate in the driving if you want to. Best suited for backpackers and travellers ages 18-35, most camping/tag-along tours create a fun, social environment where you can meet other people, enjoy communal meals, and maybe enjoy an evening drink or two.

Fraser Dingo ($490 pp) and Dingo's K'gari Adventure ($500 pp) are the most popular 2-day tag-along options. Sunrover Expeditions also offers a more upscale camping tour that is around $700 pp. This is a more family-friendly option that is more relaxed and includes camping accommodations at Dilli Village. 

girl opening a tent at a rainforest campsite


2-day, 1-night tours of K'gari (Fraser Island) with resort accommodation generally cost around $600 - $1000. K'gari Explorer Tours costs around $600-$700 per adult from Rainbow Beach or Hervey Bay, whereas Sunrover's Resort Tour is around $700 per adult for a triple room or $1000 per adult for a solo or double room. If you're booking a resort tour, the costs are generally per room. So the more people in your group who can split a room, the cheaper the cost will be. 

Resort tours allow you to experience a bit of luxury on K'gari (Fraser Island). The tours mentioned above all include a hotel room at K'gari Beach Resort, one of the island's most popular accommodations! Here you can make use of the resort pool, restaurant, bar, and general store, while admiring beachfront views as well. 

people in the pool at K'gari Beach Resort

3-Day, 2-Night Tours

3-day, 2-night tours are the most popular type of tour on K'gari (Fraser Island). These tours allow you to spend 3 days uncovering all the island's wonders and attractions! You can even venture to further locations like Champagne Pools and Indian Head Lookout, which many shorter tours don't have time for.

There are both camping options that cost around $500-$600 and resort accommodation options that cost around $1000. As you can see, 3-day, 2-night tours are around the same cost as a 2-day, 1-night tour, so it might be worth just spending 3 days on the island!

Here are our top 3-day K'gari tours!


3-day, 2-night camping and tag-along tours are a favorite among backpackers and adventurous travellers. You get to spend a few days traversing the island's sandy landscapes in a convoy of 4WD vehicles while having a cozy, refreshing sleep at a shared, pre-set-up campsite amidst the rainforest. All of the following tours are 3 days and 2 nights, and are within the $500 - $600 price range. The only exception is Drop Bears, which is around $670 per person because you actually get to stay in beach cabins. 

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3-day, 2-night K'gari tours with resort accommodation are similarly priced to the 2-day, 1-night tours. So you can really stay on the island for longer, see more, have enjoy a more relaxed pace without having to pay much more! Sunrover's guided resort tour costs around $1200-1300 per person. K'gari Explorer Tours resort tour from Hervey Bay costs around $700 - $900 per person, depending on how many people are in your group. 

aerial view of resort on K'gari

Resort Tours that are 4+ days

K'gari Explorer Tours also offers multiday resort tours that are longer than 3 days! You can never have too much time on K'gari, as this unique island really is packed with fun hikes, swimming spots, and natural attractions. A 4-day tour is around $800 - $1200 per person. A 5-day tour is around $1000 - $1500 per person. Again, if you have 3 adults, you can share a triple room and pay less per person. 

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Which K'gari (Fraser Island) Tour Should I Book?

When you consider the costs of all these different tours, you'll usually pay around $200-$300 per person per day, for any tour. The best value tours are the 3-day-2-night tag-along and camping tours, though you can also get great value if you're a group of 3 adults that book a resort accommodation tour. 

If you want to visit K'gari (Fraser Island) without a tour, just remember you have to include all your own costs including ferry transfers, vehicle permits, camping permits,  food, water, and fuel. You also have to plan your own itinerary based on the tides and ensure you've booked everything in advance. If you're hiring a 4WD as well, you may find that a tour is the same cost, if not cheaper! And it saves you the hassle of having to organise everything yourself. But there is really no right or wrong way to visit K'gari (Fraser Island)!

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