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Champagne Pools on K'gari (Fraser Island)

Updated Tue 27 Feb 2024

The Champagne Pools on K'gari (Fraser Island) are a stunning and unique destination. Though the world's largest sand island has lots of incredible attractions, this natural rock pool on the island's northeastern coast is especially fun to visit. Let's dive into everything that travelers may want to know about the Champagne Pools on K'gari (Fraser Island)!

people floating in inflatables in the champagne pools on K'gari

About The Champagne Pools On K'gari (Fraser Island)

The Champagne Pools are one of the most unique natural attractions on K'gari (Fraser Island). These naturally formed rock pools create a collection of shallow, sandy swimming holes right on the edge of the ocean with a stellar view of its surroundings. With each wave, the pools are renewed with water, creating a jacuzzi-like feeling as seafoam fizzes around you. That is how this unique destination got its name - it's like you're sitting in a pool of bubbly champagne!

Another special fact about the Champagne Pools is that they are the only place where you can safely swim in the ocean on K'gari! The sea around this island is famously rough and dangerous, with intense riptides and lots of sharks. The Champagne Pools create a barrier from the ocean so you can splash in the salt water safely. During low tide, the pools are very calm and create the perfect place to soak in the salt water and enjoy the sound of the ocean.

Champagne pools on the coastline of K'gari (Fraser Island)

How to stay safe at the Champagne Pools

Though the Champagne Pools are the safest place for swimming in the salt water, the location can be dangerous if you're not paying attention. It is important to use caution while enjoying these rock pools and avoid swimming at high tide. Large waves can occasionally burst into the pool, which can cause people to trip up and hurt themselves on the rocks. Even when the tide drops, rogue waves can make the pools quite turbulent. 

Just be aware of your surroundings while visiting the Champagne Pools! If you're a confident swimmer and you keep your eyes peeled for big waves, you should be absolutely fine. But the rocks that provide protection from the ocean, can sometimes leave visitors with a nasty scratch or two if they lose their footing or get caught by a wave. And remember, visitors should not swim anywhere except in the pools themselves as the ocean currents are very strong and even the strongest swimmers will struggle against them. 

aerial view of coastal rock pools known as the champagne pools

How to reach the Champagne Pools on K'gari (Fraser Island)

The Champagne Pools are located along 75 Mile Beach on the eastern side of the island, between Waddy Point and Indian Head Lookout. To get to the pools, visitors must drive about 2.2km north along the beach from Indian Head. From here, walk along the short boardwalk and descend the stairs to get down to the pools. 4WDs can park on the beach below or use the parking lot that is located inland and make their way to the pools from there using the marked pathways.

Due to the remote location of the Champagne Pools, not all tours will visit this site. It is quite a long drive to reach the pools, and many tours have time restrictions. Driving on K'gari takes much longer than you would expect because the tracks are all composed of soft sand. If you do wish to visit the Champagne Pools while exploring K'gari on your own, make sure you leave ample time to get there and back. And if you want to hop on a tour that does visit this spot, you'd have to go with a 3-day tour. Shorter tours simply don't have enough time to venture this far north. 

Check out the Champagne Pools on one of these K'gari tours!

people swimming in the champagne pools on K'gari (Fraser Island)

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