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Where Are The Champagne Pools?

Updated Mon 27 Feb 2023

champagne pools

The Champagne Pools are located on the north end of Tukkee Wurroo (Indian Head), on the top end of K’gari’s East Coast (or between Waddy Point and Indian Head). Travellers love the sandy swimming holes from the naturally formed rock pools that pretty much serve as their very own tropical jacuzzis!

K’gari (Fraser Island) is full of iconic locations and one of the favourite places that travellers love going back to is the Champagne Pools! So, before you start your K’gari adventure, you definitely shouldn’t skip the refreshing crystal clear waters of a hidden gem like the Champagne Pools!

How Do I get to the Champagne Pools?

Once you get to Indian Head, which is along Kgari’s 75 Mile Beach, you should drive about 2 km north until you see a boardwalk with stairs. Take a few more steps ahead, but the journey is worth it as you float your worries away in a dazzling rock pool amidst the backdrop of stellar views of the blue ocean and warm sunshine!

Do I Need a 4WD to Get to the Champagne Pools?

Yes, you definitely need a 4WD to get to the Champagne Pools as the eastern side of the Island is only accessible with a 4WD! There’s a parking area just below the beach inland and all you need to do is follow the marked tracks. Or, if you're keen to be guided through this magical island, plenty of tours will stop at Champagne Pools for a day of fun in the sun!

an aerial photo of a beach on K'gari with blue waters, sands and a headland

Which Tours Go to the Champagne Pools? 

Sunrover 3-Day Guided Tour 

You’ll be taken care of by a local expert and tour guide who will drive you around K’gari’s most iconic rainforests, sand formations and freshwater destinations like Lake Wabby, Eli Creek and Indian Head lookout! You can choose to spend your 2 nights at Kingfisher Bay Eco Resort or the newly renovated Eurong Beach Resort.... and you'll enjoy ample time at the bubbling Champagne Pools!

Nomads Fraser Island Tag Along Tour 3D/2N

Drive around K’gari (Fraser Island) from Noosa in a 4WD and explore all that island has to offer! Splash and swim in Lake Birrabeen and Champagne Pools. Take memorable photos at the historic Maheno shipwreck. Marvel at the beautifully sunlit and iconic Pinnacles with its natural limestone formations that took place 30,000 years ago!

It’s sure to go viral on your social media travel posts! You also have the option to stay at Eurong Beach Resort or go camping in a safari-style tent! Your meals on the island are also included so you can re-energise in between your destinations!

Pippies Tag Along Camping Safari 3 Days & 2 Nights 

Treat yourself to a private campsite that has hot showers from a natural spring, build your own campfire and enjoy mouthwatering meals in solar-lit romantic dining areas! Fall asleep to the gentle swooshing of the ocean as you lie down beneath a deep blue starry night! Charging facilities for your devices, free storage for your luggage fuel for your 4WD are all included in the trip as well as a stop at Champagne Pools! 

three male travellers in a 4WD

Fraser Explorer Day (from Rainbow Beach and Hervey Bay

Enjoy your ride from one destination to the next in a comfortable 4WD bus as you go bushwalking in tranquil rainforests, spot wildlife, swim in freshwaters like Eli Creek and Lake Mckenzie (so fresh that you can drink the water!), dip in a natural jacuzzi (Champagne Pools) and frolic in coloured sands! You can choose your starting point either from Rainbow Beach or Hervey Bay!

 a convoy of 4WD cars driving through the sand

Fraser Dingo Camping Safari 3D/2N

Drive into the white sands of K’gari as you discover all of its World Heritage sites! Float down to Eli Creek, play volleyball along the 75-mile beach, take in the jaw-dropping views of the endless ocean at Indian Head Lookout, and take a refreshing dip at Lake Wabby, Lake Birrabeen and Lake Allom! 

Travel in eco-friendly vehicles which are carbon offset, go camping at permanent campsites where you can spot wildlife even at night, and watch the sunrise as you wake up to the gentle lull of the sea! All meals are included and prepared for the tour.

Palace Adventures Tag Along Camping Safari (3 Days-2 Nights) 

Get on a safe and easy-to-drive 4WD that takes you to K’gari’s top destinations like Champagne Pools, Lake Mckenzie, Eli Creek and more where you can dive, swim and snorkel! Go camping for 2 nights for that true islander experience. What’s more? All meals are included in the tour as well as your insurance, National Park permits and fees!

East Coast Packages that visit the Champagne Pools

Powerplay Catamaran Whitsundays & Pippies Fraser Island Tour 

Alternatively, you should go paddleboarding, snorkelling and kayaking in the Great Barrier Reef with the Powerplay Whitsundays and Pippies Fraser Island Tour where you get to discover all the unique experiences that both the Whitsundays and K’gari (Fraser Island) have to offer! 

With family and friends, you‘ll spend 2 days and 2 nights aboard the Powerplay’s 2-level luxurious catamaran in the Whitsundays to explore Whitehaven Beach and Hill Inlet Lookout! Then you’ll explore K'gari’s stellar locations like Lake Mckenzie, rainforests, Champagne Pools, Eli Creek and Mareno shipwreck for the next 3 days!

You get chef-prepared meals and a heated spa onboard as you spot marine life and laze around under the sun! Treat yourself to an indulgent ocean adventure like no other!

5-Day New Horizon Whitsundays Pippies Fraser Island Tour

Go on an ultimate 4WD adventure through the 75-mile beach of K’gari (Fraser Island) and camp at Cathedrals on the island’s permanent campsite in between your exploration tour around Eli Creek, Maheno Shipwreck and your own saltwater jacuzzi in the Champagne Pools! 

For that true islander experience, go sailing aboard New Horizon across the Whitsundays for 2 days - then, spend 3 days with your Pippies K’gari (Fraser Island) tour crew! Of course, what can be better than an all-inclusive scrumptious breakfast, lunch and dinner for 4 days?!
 Tourists posing for a picture at the Pinnacles


5-day Atlantic Clipper Whitsundays & Nomads Fraser Island Tour 

Go on a sailing tour with the Whitsundays Atlantic Clipper to go scuba diving, paddleboarding, snorkelling, ride on a banana boat or jet boat and swim in the Whitsunday reefs! Suitable for backpackers of all ages, a dive instructor will teach and guide you, plus your meals are professionally prepared onboard by the chef! 

Experience K’gari’s most popular World Heritage sites like Lake Mckenzie, Champagne Pools, Eli Creek and Maheno Shipwreck! Spend 2 nights at your choice of accommodation (upgradeable) in a 4-share tent at Eurong Resort!

 yellow 4WD vehicles parked near the beach

What are the Champagne Pools?

The Champagne Pools are named after the bubbly water inside that makes you feel like you're floating in a glass of champagne... literally! The surrounding open ocean forms a white foam around the rock formations which looks quite like the champagne froth, naturally!

Can I Swim in the Champagne Pools on K’gari?

Yes, you can absolutely swim in the Champagne Pools within the borders of the natural rock formation. It’s the perfect time to bring your inflatable floater, sip a drink under the warm sunshine and splash around the azure waters during high tide. 

But you shouldn’t go beyond the rocks and swim out in the open ocean because the waves in the sea tend to be quite strong. Even agile swimmers find it difficult to swim through the waves. So, take your time and relax in the pocket of jacuzzis in the Champagne Pools!

Learn more about swimming on K'gari for the best lakes, oceans and spots on the island!

swimmers dipping themselves at the beach

More Things to Do on K’gari (Fraser Island)

Did you know that K’gari (Fraser Island) has more than 100 freshwater spots within its 1,655 km2 size? It’s Australia’s 6th largest island and Queensland’s largest! The World Heritage site is famous for being the only natural wonderland where rainforests have flourished from the sand!

Wildlife spotting on K'gari

Rich wildlife exists in K’gari (Fraser Island). You can spot reptiles, starfish, sea eagles, stingless bees, dingos, turtles, foxes, bats, other insects, whales and dolphins.

4WDing & tours on K'gari

The top activity in Fraser Island that visitors enjoy the most is driving in a 4WD between each heavenly location. It’s a family-friendly tropical paradise where travellers love to set up camp in permanent campsites, indulge in its resorts, swim out in crystal clear waters, ride on a banana boat, go fishing or jet skiing, whale watching, paddleboarding, sandboarding or sledding, hiking and bushwalking.

Dining on K'gari

K’gari also has all types of cuisines and scrumptious restaurants that satisfy all of your cravings in between your adventures! And if you're a globetrotter who loves capturing your travel memories and a true islander at heart, why not collaborate with us?

Dingo on K'gari rolling in the sand

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