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Hidden Gems of K'gari

Updated Tue 26 Jul 2022

Two people looking up at leaves and forest

Are you craving an island adventure far from the beaten path? K’gari is brimming with simply magical destinations to experience, and a lot of tours only graze the surface of hidden gems nestled away on the world’s largest sand island. From lakeside paradises where you could hear a pin drop to vast ocean lookouts, there is plenty of discovering to do in this unique natural wonderland.

Here are our top 6 favourite hidden gems on K’gari, as well as how to get there! 

Tukkee wurroo & Champagne Pools

Tucked away on the top end of K’gari’s east coast, Tukkee wurroo (Indian Head) is a simply gorgeous spot to visit during your time on the island. A stunning headland with a lookout point featuring spectacular views of the entire coastline, snap some pictures, gaze out at the natural marvels and even spot humpacks during whale season! Once you’ve soaked up all of the views, wander down to the shoreline and take a dip in the Champagne Pools. Accessible at low-tide and best enjoyed at mid-tide, rock pools are filled with bubbly ocean water, creating a natural bubbly spa with neverending ocean views! 

  • Getting to Tukkee wurroo

    A lot of longer 4WD camping tours will have this gorgeous spot on their itinerary. However, if you’re not on a tour or want to ensure a stop at this secluded gem, hiring or bringing your own 4WD is your best bet.

Champagne Pools with a small group of friends with inflatable toys in the water

The Quieter Lakes on K’gari 

With an abundance of unique and exquisite freshwater lakes across the island, it’s no surprise that you may need to stray from the throngs of tourists to reach the best swimming spots. So, once Lake Boorangoora (Lake Mackenzie) and Lake Wabby are ticked off of your bucket list, lace up your walking boots and head on out to these incredibly special sites.

Lake Garawongera

Located only a day's walk or a short drive from Happy Valley, Lake Garawongera is a tranquil yet dazzling natural oasis. With tannin-stained waters and bright white sands, this spot is a wonderful place to hop in for a swim amongst the horizon of water plants fringing your views. Or, grab a good book and lounge on the shore for a day of utter peace and quiet! 

  • Getting to Lake Garawongera 

    There are a variety of group walking tours that frequent Lake Garawongera, in addition to the K’gari Great Walk whose hikers spend their last night at the walkers camp here. Alternatively, you can park your car in the day-use area for a very short stroll to the shores of this haven. 

Woman standing in swimmers at the edge of Lake Garawongera

Lake Jennings

When we say off the beaten path, we mean it with Lake Jennings. Nestled between Lake Boomanjin and Central Station right next to Lake Birrabeen, there isn’t any signage pointing you to this beautiful swimming spot. Perch up in the surrounding flora with a good book as you really breathe in the serenity. And don’t forget to fill up your water bottle - the water here is so untouched that it’s good enough to drink! 

  • Getting to Lake Jennings 

    We recommend finding Lake Jennings by foot, particularly as an added swim and lunch spot on the K’gari Great Walk. From Central Station, continue a southbound journey from the day-use area following  Wanggoolba Road and climb steep sand hills. Your sandy surrounding will turn into lush rainforest as you continue. Follow the 4WD tracks to the lake's edge, before doing a bit of bush-bashing on an unmarked and untrodden expedition to the stunning blue waters. 

Lake Jennings person standing in the water

Lake Boomanjin

While slightly busier, Lake Boomanjin is certainly worth the trip. Renowned as the largest perched lake in the world, its fresh waters and incredible hues are bound to impress. With a wide stretch of tannin-stained fresh waters and incredibly soft sands, an adventure to this bountiful and relaxing wonder is a fantastic way to spend your afternoon. 

  • Getting to Lake Boomanjin 

    Access Lake Boomanjin via a 4WD or by walking. If you’re driving, park at the Lake Boomanjin day-use area and walk a short 100m to the lake. Or, if you’re walking, start from Dili Village and walk the roughly 5km stretch through sandy scrub and beautiful flora. You’re first stop on the K’gari Great Walk, or a lovely place to camp the night, Lake Boomanjin also has a camping area 

Lake Boomanjin with fringing eucalypts and white sands

Ocean Lake

A picture-perfect stop on the Cypress Circuit walk and a total hidden gem on the northern side of the island, Ocean Lake is a must-do if you’re up on the less popular top-end of K’gari. Take a refreshing dip to cool off, lounge in the sun or picnic in the shade at this exceptional slice of natural magic! 

  • Getting to Ocean Lake

    If you’re driving, park you’re 4WD at the Ocean Lake day use area found along the Eastern Beach Scenic Drive. Continue on to Tukkee wurroo and Champagne Pools to make a day of it! 

Let the locals show you the very best of K'gari with a worry-free and magic-filled tour across the island... whatever your style! 

And, don't forget to learn about the rich Indigenous history of the Butchulla people to enrich your journey through this special place.

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