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Lake Birrabeen On K'gari (Fraser Island)

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Gabby Boucher
Updated Wed 10 May 2023

Lake Birrabeen is a lesser-known lake on the magical island of K'gari, formerly known as Fraser Island. This beautiful swimming spot makes a lovely alternative to its more popular neighbor, Lake McKenzie. If you're visiting K'gari and looking for non-touristy places to visit, be sure to check out Lake Birrabeen!

Lake Birrabeen

About Lake Birrabeen On K'gari (Fraser Island)

The beautiful Lake Birrabeen is a perched lake located right in the middle of the southern half of K'gari, the world's largest sand islandA perched lake is a unique natural phenomenon found all over K'gari (Fraser Island). These special lakes are formed when rainwater fills a natural depression in the sand dunes. No lakes, streams, or oceans connect to a perched lake, and the sand creates a natural filtration system that makes the water incredibly pure and clean. 

Lake McKenzie is the most famous lake on K'gari, and it is also a perched lake. K'gari is home to 40 perched lakes, including Lake Birrabeen and Lake Boomanjin, the latter of which is the largest perched lake in the world! Lake Birrabeen is also situated right next to 3 other tiny lakes: Lake Barga, Lake Benaroon, and Lake Jennings. You'll see them as you drive towards Lake Birrabeen!

Lake Birrabeen

Why Visit Lake Birrabeen?

Lake Birrabeen is a serene spot on K'gari that is perfect for escaping the crowds. Surrounding the refreshing waters of the perched lake, you'll find incredibly soft white silica sand and lush, untouched rainforest. There is a day-use area with some toilets and picnic tables where you can have lunch and listen to the sounds of nature. But other than that, there are no facilities and no crowds here!

Because the water of the perched lake is so pure and clean, it's a great spot for swimming, canoeing, kayaking, or paddleboarding. The water is so pure that it cannot sustain life, so there are no fish, turtles, or other animals in the lake. When you're not splashing around in the water, you can go for a bush walk, sunbathe on the velvety sand, and just enjoy being immersed in the nature of the world's largest sand island!

Lake Birrabeen

Lake Birrabeen Vs Lake McKenzie

So how does Lake Birrabeen compare to the famous Lake McKenzie? Both lakes are incredible, but honestly, Lake McKenzie is famous for a reason! Lake McKenzie is just as gorgeous as everyone says, and it absolutely deserves a place on the list of the best things to do on K'gari (Fraser Island)

Lake Birrabeen is still worth visiting if you have time, but it is not as photogenic as Lake McKenzie. In periods of heavy rainfall, Lake Birrabeen's water can look a bit murky, though it is still perfectly fine for a swim. Both lakes have heavenly white silica sand and are set in the midst of the enchanting rainforest

So if you only have time to visit one lake, definitely pick Lake McKenzie. But if you are visiting K'gari for 3 days or more, you should have time to make it to Lake Birrabeen as well. If you're looking for a really rugged and wild adventure through K'gari and you want to escape the crowds, you may enjoy Lake Birrabeen more as it's significantly less crowded than Lake McKenzie!

Lake McKenzie

How To Get To Lake Birrabeen

Located in the center of K'gari, towards the southern half of the island, it's relatively easy to get to Lake Birrabeen. On a map, the lake is located just a few kilometres south of Central Station. But K'gari's sandy tracks are bumpy and winding, and driving there in a 4WD can take longer than you'd expect. Allow about 30 minutes to drive to Lake Birrabeen from Central Station. 

There are plenty of signs marking the tracks for Lake Birrabeen. This drive is not suitable for big trailers or motorhomes because the tracks are very narrow. But just continue on the tracks until you find the spacious parking areas. You'll be able to see Lake Birrabeen on the side and you'll know you've arrived! From the parking area, just walk for about 10 minutes along the sandy bush track until you arrive at the lake!

Lake Birrabeen

What Tours Visit Lake Birrabeen?

If you're visiting K'gari on a guided tour, you can still have the chance to see Lake Birrabeen! Because Lake Birrabeen isn't as popular as K'gari's other hotspots, many tours don't make it here. Traveling around K'gari takes a while, and most tourists prefer to visit the famous landmarks during their time. 

But the Fraser Dingo 3 Day Tag Along Tour does include Lake Birrabeen in its itinerary! Tour itineraries can always change based on weather, but there is a chance you may visit Lake Birrabeen on this tour. If you want to ensure a visit to Lake Birrabeen, you may be better off visiting K'gari on your own. But every K'gari tour visits Lake McKenzie, and the island is so magical that you're sure to have an incredible time regardless!

Bush tracks K'gari

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