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How Do You Get To Lake McKenzie?

Updated Tue 16 Jul 2024

Planning your next 4WD adventure to the biodiverse wonders of K’gari? Home to incredible blue waters of every shade, a visit to Lake McKenzie (Boorangoora) is a must-do on every colourful K’gari itinerary!

Located in the middle of K’gari (Fraser Island), Lake McKenzie is easily reached by 4WD from either Eurong or Kingfisher Bay. Or, if you’re ready to hike along the K’gari Great Walk the lake is accessible by a return hiking trail from Kingfisher Bay Resort. Once you’ve reached Lake McKenzie, simply take a short walk to reach the perched lake’s pristine silica sands and crystal-clear shallows!

Ideal for laid-back swimming adventures and sun-drenched hangs, we can’t wait to show you the natural marvels of Lake McKenzie - let our team of K’gari enthusiasts tell you how to get there first!

Lake McKenzie drone image

How do you get to Lake McKenzie?

Accessible by 4WD along one of the inland driving tracks, Lake McKenzie is easily reached from K'gari Beach Resort or Kingfisher Bay Resort once you have arrived on the world’s largest sand island - note the sandy tracks are a bumpy ride, so hold on tight adventurers!

Getting to Lake McKenzie from Kingfisher Bay

The most common way for visitors to get to Lake McKenzie is to drive southwest towards Cornwells Road from the Kingfisher Bay Resort or the ferry terminal. After 4km, turn right onto Northern Road for 6km. Finally, turn right onto Lake McKenzie Road and continue driving for 2.5km before reaching the lake’s car park!

Getting to Lake McKenzie from K'gari Beach Resort

Alternatively, for visitors situated on the southern side of K’gari 4WD access to Lake McKenzie is convenient from K'gari Beach Resort, which is easily reached from 75 Mile Beach. From here, head inland to Central Station along the one-way road. Once you’ve reached Central, simply follow the signs to Lake Mckenzie for a further 6km!

From the Lake McKenzie car park, wander along a semi-sealed pathway for a few minutes to reach your final destination! Note there is a short section of stairs leading to the lake. Whilst the car park is surprisingly large in size, we recommend reaching Lake McKenzie early to avoid the crowds, especially during the holiday seasons!

Inland driving track sign on K'gari

How do you get to Lake McKenzie without a 4WD?

As K’gari is completely sand, 4WD transport is needed along the stretching sand highways! If you don’t have access to a 4WD the best way to experience Lake McKenzie and other K’gari gems is on an overnight guided tour! Boasting itineraries filled with ancient rainforest walks, salty ocean swims and untouched lakes, the majority of K’gari 4WD tours visit Lake McKenzie, Indian Head, Champagne Pools, Maheno Shipwreck and Eli Creek (to name a few!). To find your ultimate tour fit, check out your overnight tour options or live chat with a local travel expert!

Here are some of our most popular 3-day tours on K'gari (Fraser Island)!

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Hiking to Lake Mckenzie

For the hikers and nature lovers amongst us all, you can also choose to hike to Lake McKenzie via one of the many trails on K'gari! Choose a guided walking tour for a stress-free and pack-free hiking adventure to Lake McKenzie

If a day trip is on your mind, head over on the Kingfisher Bay Ferry and follow the jetty road to the resort roundabout. Turning right, walk for a further 100m before reaching the Lake McKenzie Walk trailhead. The Lake McKenzie Walk is a 20km round trip (10km each way) that winds up the North White Cliffs and heads further inland, passing through rich biodiversity hotspots along the way. Whilst the hike is rated intermediate, be sure to start your journey early and pack plenty of water as the trip is approximately 3 hours one way, including rest stops.

Or, why not enjoy a peaceful night's stay at the Boorangoora (Lake McKenzie) Great Walk campsite? With toilets and tent camping sites, the walkers’ camp is a perfect option for those wishing to break up the long venture!

K'gari forests

What makes Lake McKenzie so special?

Wahoo you’ve reached Lake McKenzie! Whether you have gotten behind the wheel of a 4WD, joined an action-packed tour or hiked the K’gari Great Walk, it’s time to run across the smooth sands and jump right into the blue waters! 

Many K’gari visitors are unaware that Lake McKenzie is a perched lake, fed completely by naturally falling rainwater. The organic and natural matter of the lake’s bed prevents any rainwater from draining away, creating a unique lake formation that isn’t fed by groundwater or other sources of water. As a result, Lake Mckenzie’s PH level is very low, which means you won’t see much aquatic wildlife and your skin will be left feeling as soft as silk after a refreshing dip!

Similar to the famous Whitehaven Beach, the sands of Lake McKenzie are pure crushed silica which creates crystal-clear waters that are ideal for swimming. As the waters get deeper, the depths melt from bright turquoise to deep azure, creating astounding photography opportunities. A natural hub of unparalleled diversity, it’s no wonder thousands of visitors travel to Lake McKenzie each year!

Group of people swimming in Lake McKenzie from afar

It’s time to tick Lake McKenzie off your dreamy K'gari bucket list!

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