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River Heads Ferry To K'gari (Fraser Island)

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Gabby Boucher
Updated Wed 10 Jul 2024

The River Heads Ferry is one of the best ways to get to K'gari (Fraser Island)Located near the charming town of Hervey Bay, River Heads marks one of two major ferry terminals where you can hop on a boat and make your way over to the world's largest sand island

If you're planning your trip to K'gari from Hervey Bay, River Heads is the ferry you'll want to take. There are some great hostels in Hervey Bay where you can spend the night before your ferry leaves. Whether you're bringing your own 4WD or you're hiring one in Hervey Bay, here are some useful tips for catching the River Heads ferry! 

Couple on ferry

River Heads Ferry

The River Heads Barge offers ferries to both Kingfisher Bay Resort and Wanggoolba Creek. Both ferry crossings are less than an hour, so you can choose which ferry you take based on your destination. 

The Kingfisher Bay Resort route drops you off right in front of the resort. If you're staying here, or you've booked 4WD Hire with Aussie Trax, you might be better off taking this route. The Wanggoolba Creek route drops you off a bit further south than Kingfisher, and you're closer to places like Lake McKenzie and Central Station. This location also offers a more direct route to K'gari's other top-notch resort, Eurong. 

Both routes are straightforward and smooth, and they drop you off on the western side of K'gari. Here is some more info about each individual route from River Heads, like crossing times and ferry schedules. 

Fraser Venture Ferry

River Heads Ferry Timetable

Here is the daily schedule for the River Heads Ferry. Times differ based on whether you are heading to Kingfisher Bay or Wanggoolba Creek, so ensure you read the timetables thoroughly. Exact travel times and departure times may vary depending on tides, so make sure you confirm your booking before your journey. 

No matter which ferry you are taking, make sure you arrive at the barge for check-in at least 30 minutes prior to departure!

Double check ferry times directly with the ferry as well! These are timetables are found online but they sometimes change. 

River Heads to Kingfisher Bay Resort

  • Approximate crossing time: 45 minutes
Departing River Heads Arriving Kingfisher Bay Resort
7:00 am 7:45 am
8:30 am 9:15 am
9:00 am 9:45 am
10:30 am 11:15 am
1:00 pm 1:45 pm
3:45 pm 4:30 pm
4:00 pm 4:45 pm

Kingfisher Bay Resort to River Heads

Departing Kingfisher Bay Resort Arriving River Heads
8:00 am 8:45 am
9:30 am 10:15 am
10:00 am 10:45 am
11:30 am 12:15 pm
2:30 pm 3:15 pm
3:00 pm 3:45 pm
5:00 pm 5:45 pm
5:15 pm 6:00 pm

Kingfisher Bay Resort pier

River Heads to Wanggoolba Creek

  • Approximate crossing time: 40 minutes
Departing River Heads Arriving Wanggoolba Creek
8:30 am 9:10 am
10:15 am 10:55 am
4:00 pm 4:40 pm

Wanggoolba Creek to River Heads

Departing Wanggoolba Creek Arriving River Heads
9:00 am 9:40 am
3:00 pm 3:40 pm
5:00 pm 5:40 pm

Wanggoolba Creek

Other Things To Know For The River Heads Ferry

  • Only 4WD vehicles are allowed on the ferry and on K'gari (Fraser Island)
  • Vehicle permits for K'gari must be booked in advance 
  • All passengers must check in at the Ticket Hut next to the River Heads boat ramp before boarding the ferry
  • Make sure you leave plenty of time to check in and board the ferry (recommended 30 minutes)
  • Find the full list of ferry prices here
  • There is a snack bar on board that sells drinks and food
  • You will be required to reverse onto the ferry

River Heads Ferry snack bar

Alternative Ferry To K'gari (Fraser Island)

The other way to get to K'gari (Fraser Island) is the Inskip Point Ferry. Located near Rainbow Beach, the Inskip Point Ferry takes you across the southern end of the Great Sandy Strait and drops you off at the southern tip of K'gari. Inskip Point is a popular location for camping and fishing, and it's only a short, 10-minute ferry crossing!

Check out our full guide to the Inskip Ferry here for more info!

Fraser Tours Map

Guided Tours To K'gari (Fraser Island)

An alternative to catching the ferry with your own 4WD or hired vehicle is a guided tour. Because K'gari is such a remote place that requires lots of planning, a guided tour can be the easiest, cheapest, and most fun way to experience the island! When you book a tour, whether it be a guided or tag-along tour, all your ferry transfers, vehicle permits, and camping permits will be included.

Visiting K'gari on your own is still an epic adventure and you can easily do all the planning yourself, but a tour can just take away some of the hassle. Guided tours are also perfect for solo travelers because you can make friends and cut down on costs! And if you want to try driving on K'gari, you can still sign up to be a driver on a tag along tour

K'gari Explorer Tours

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