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Central Station On K'gari (Fraser Island)

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Gabby Boucher
Updated Wed 26 Apr 2023

Central Station on K'gari (Fraser Island) is a beautiful and unique rainforest destination. Located right in the heart of the world's largest sand island, this towering section of rainforest has a fascinating ecosystem and history. 

Whether you're on a day trip to K'gari, a 2-day tour, or a 3-day tour, your local guide will most likely bring you to this stunning spot. And if you're on a self-drive tour of K'gari, make sure you fit Central Station into your itinerary! Here are all the fun facts you might want to know about Central Station, K'gari (Fraser Island).

Central Station group walking

About Central Station, K'gari (Fraser Island)

As one of the most visited locations on K'gari (Fraser Island), Central Station is an incredibly magical place. Here you can immerse yourself in the wondrous rainforests that grow out of the sand on K'gari. The island's dense and towering forests are so incredible because they manage to flourish despite sand being a low-nutrient substance. Between the trees' ability to strip away trace minerals from the sand, and the relationship with the fungi on the forest floor, K'gari's rainforests are able to thrive. 

Central Station is located in Pile Valley, a special section of rainforest in the middle of K'gari. Because the spot is centrally located, it is very easy to reach on a guided tour or self-drive adventure of the island. Central Station is also located near other highlights of K'gari, including Lake McKenzie, Lake Wabby, and Lake Birrabeen

Pile Valley

Central Station Logging History

Though Central Station is part of the greater Pile Valley rainforest area, it is unique because of its history. Central Station itself used to be a community for loggers on the island. Logging used to be very popular on K'gari, and the first timber was harvested in 1863. By the early 1900s, a large group of mainland Australians moved to K'gari (Fraser Island) to focus on logging. 

Between the 1920s to the 1950s, Central Station became the main settlement for loggers and their families. There were up to 30 houses and even a school where residents could go about their daily lives. By the late 1900s, K'gari became listed as a World Heritage Site and national park, and logging officially stopped in 1991. The island is a natural wonder and logging is still prohibited today, but you can see the remnants of this little village at Central Station. 

K'gari Trees

Camping At Central Station

Though Central Station is no longer used for logging, today it is a tourist attraction and campground. Central Station Campsite is one of the most popular campsites on K'gari (Fraser Island). You can spend the night immersed in the enchanting rainforest, which is an opportunity not to be missed. 

Facilities at the Central Station Camping Area include:

  • Tent camping spaces
  • Flush toilets
  • Picnic tables
  • Hot showers (coin-operated)
  • Pay phone

Though K'gari (Fraser Island) is home to some incredible resorts, camping is an excellent way to experience the beauty of this World Heritage-listed island. Listen to the call of native birds, watch the towering trees sway in the breeze, and be on the lookout for wild dingos! Central Station campsite has a dingo fence, but it's still a good idea to keep small children under a watchful eye and keep all food stowed away so you don't attract dingos, goannas, or other wildlife. 

K'gari rainforest

How To Get To Central Station

Central Station is very easy to access due to its central location on K'gari (Fraser Island). The majority of tours will visit here so you can stroll through the rainforest and admire K'gari's flora and fauna. Keep in mind, you can only visit K'gari with a 4WD! The sandy tracks are not suitable for normal cars. If you don't have a 4WD, you'll need to hire one or visit the island with a tour

You can drive to Central Station from all the barge locations on the island. From the River Heads Barge, you will either land at Kingfisher Bay or Wanggoolba Creek. From Kingfisher Bay, it's about a one-hour drive to Central Station. From Wanggoolba Creek, it's about a 40-minute drive to Central Station. If you're coming to the island from the Inskip Point Barge, you'll have to head to 75 Mile Beach and head north until you reach Eurong Resort. Then turn inland and drive to Central Station from there. 

Another option for reaching Central Station is walking! Central Station is located along the K'gari Great Walk, which is a 90km trek through the wilderness of K'gari. The entire walk takes around 6-8 days and is the ultimate adventure. The camping area is just 800m away from the Central Station day-use area.

Central Station

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