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Can You Take a Normal Car to Fraser Island?

Fraser Island is known for its sandy highway, over 100 lakes and streams, and beautiful rainforests. People are able to purchase permits and barge their own vehicle over or opt to jump on a tour to visit the largest sand island in the world. But what if you want to take a normal car over there?

Google Fraser Island and you’ll like come up with dozens of images of people driving 4X4 vehicles on the rugged terrain. Fraser Island is the largest sand island in the world, and therefore all the roads and tracks, save for a few of the paved roads at some resorts, are made of sand. But this is not a suggestion. Due to the soft, dry inland tracks, and wet sand on 75-mile beach being affected by the tides, only 4X4 vehicles are allowed on the island. 

This is non-negotiable, and even if you have an AWD vehicle, you’ll only be allowed to stay resort side at King Fisher Bay Resort on the west coast of the island. Even 4WDs often get bogged, so Queensland national parks and Department of Transportation have enforced a rule that only 4WDs are allowed over on the island. 

We recommend hiring a vehicle that has been modified to suit the unique terrain, rather than risk getting bogged in your own vehicle. Insurance in many instances may not even cover your vehicle should this happen, whereas hire companies have all appropriate permits as well as adequate insurance coverage should anything happen to your vehicle. For more information on taking your own vehicle vs. hiring one, read this article

Alternatively, you may wish to join a self driven tag-along tour if you still want the experience of driving on Fraser Island without worrying about getting stuck. It is always recommended to go with a second or third vehicle regardless, and this option will have several other vehicles in your convoy as well as a local guide should you get stuck. 

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