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Can I Hire A 4WD On K'gari (Fraser Island)?

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Gabby Boucher
Updated Wed 22 Feb 2023

If you’re planning a trip to the world’s largest sand island, you may find yourself wondering: “Can I hire a 4WD on K’gari (Fraser Island)?” The answer is yes! Many travelers dream of bounding up and down the sandy shores of K’gari in a hefty 4WD vehicle. This dream can easily come true, whether you choose to hire a 4WD on K’gari or from a nearby town on the mainland such as Hervey Bay

In this article, we’ll explain some of the different options for 4WD hire. There is an excellent option on K’gari itself, and there are other 4WD hires in Hervey Bay. You can also consider a tag-along tour, which is a guided tour that allows you to try some of the driving. Whatever you choose to do, you are sure to have an epic time adventuring around the unique island of K’gari!

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4WD Hire On K’gari (Fraser Island)

If you’re looking to hire a 4WD on K’gari and pick it up on the island, Aussie Trax is your best option. However, this option is only for day trips! But booking with Aussie Trax includes your return barge transfers plus the vehicle hire and national park permits. You’ll take the ferry from Hervey to K’gari in the morning and arrive around 9am. Once you arrive, walk about 400m and you can pick up your 4WD near the shopping village! 

Aussie Trax offers two different vehicle types. The Toyota Land Cruiser seats 5 or 7 people, so it’s ideal for groups of friends or a family who need more space. The Suzuki Jimny has only 2 seats so it’s better for couples. Whichever you choose, you can explore the island freely for 7 hours before returning the vehicle at 4pm and catching the ferry back to the mainland. 

Aussie Trax

4WD Hire From Hervey Bay

Another option for 4WD hire on K’gari is Fraser Dingoes. This reputable tour company offers 4WD hire in Hervey Bay, one of the most popular towns on the mainland for beginning a trip to K’gari. In this instance, you’ll pick up the vehicle on the mainland and ride the barge over to the island. Once you arrive, you are free to take your 4WD wherever you choose!

Fraser Dingoes has the added perk of offering multiday 4WD hire as well. Hire a 4WD to explore K’gari from anywhere between 2 and 5 days! This option gives you much more time and flexibility to venture off the beaten path. Cool attractions on K’gari’s northern side such as Indian Head Lookout and Champagne Pools aren’t accessible on a single-day 4WD hire, simply because they are too far. So if you want more time to get amongst the mindblowing natural beauty of K’gari, a multiday hire is the way to go. 

Fraser Dingoes 4WD

Tag Along Tours on K'gari

Now that we’ve covered the 4WD hire options, we should also quickly mention K’gari tag along tours. If you’re on the fence about whether you want to book a guided tour or drive yourself, you should be aware of all the options!

A K’gari tag along tour unites the freedom and thrill of driving yourself with the ease and comfort of an organized guided tour. Tag along tours cover all your food, accommodation, transport, and planning. You’ll have a local guide to show you around, teach you about the area, and ensure you stay safe and happy. 

But tag along tours also offer you the option to sign up as a driver so you can drive one of the provided 4WDs! Lead your own 4WD along 75 Mile Beach and follow your guide as they take care of the directions and speed. You can still experience the quintessential sand driving, but you can let your tour guide take care of the rest. 

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The Best Way To Explore K’gari

There are perks to both 4WD hire and tag along tours on K’gari. 4WD hire is a great idea for couples who want to explore on their own and have privacy. It’s also great for groups of friends who can all split the cost of the rental and have a blast exploring together! Hiring a 4WD on your own does require a bit of planning and preparation. 

You’ll have to navigate yourself around the island and make sure you can do it within the time constraints of your rental period. But you have more freedom and flexibility to plan your own self-drive itinerary!

Tag along tours are ideal for solo travelers. Renting a 4WD is expensive on your own, so if you’re traveling alone it’s much easier and cheaper to join a guided tour. And you might make some friends! Tag along tours are also perfect for groups of travelers who don’t want to plan and organize their own K'gari trip. You can just sit back, relax, admire the scenery, and have fun without thinking about directions, food, fuel, permits, or accommodation. Tag along tours are affordable as well!

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Check out our full list of 4WD Hire and Tag Along Tours On K’gari! Or call us at +61 7 4128 4479 with any questions!

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