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Road Rules and Etiquette for Driving on Fraser Island

While Fraser Island offers visitors plenty to do, driving on Fraser Island is an experience in itself. For people looking for a little adventure and some off-road fun, Fraser Island is the perfect option for an exhilarating adventure, but due to its unique terrain, certain road rules and etiquette apply. 

Driving on Fraser Island, Australia

All drivers on Fraser Island must adhere to normal Queensland state driving laws, and obtain the correct permits before heading over to the largest sand island in the world. The island has speed limits and is policed, so Whether you are driving your own vehicle over or hiring one, additional rules may apply. 

Instructional Briefing for Fraser Dingo 4WD hire

Special Rules for Hire Companies

Age restrictions apply for most hire companies in addition to these special requirements:

  • Vehicles must not exceed 8 seats
  • Seats must be forward or rear-facing
  • Seats must not be side-facing
  • Items cannot be stored on the roof
  • Items must be stored inside the vehicle and secured below the top level of the door frame
  • Vehicles must be equipped with seatbelts that meet Australian Design Rule standards

Generally, the 4WD hire companies should be all over this, but it’s still a good idea to check they are up to standard. We pride ourselves in only offering the most reputable 4WD hire, so enquire with us today if you’re considering hiring a vehicle for a self-driven adventure. 

Wild Dingo on Fraser Island

Road Rules for Private Vehicles

Same road rules as the mainland apply if you’re bringing your own vehicle over, but still good to follow these etiquette tips the locals go by:

  • Always try to stop and help if someone appears stuck-It’s often a mission to get one vehicle unbogged and many hands make light work, especially when you're racing against an incoming tide! 

  • Inland tracks are mostly single lane, and you will find passing bays installed throughout the trails. Large buses and heavier vehicles have the right of way, so use these to back up and allow them to pass. If one of these spots isn’t nearby, pull over to the side of the track as far as you’re safely able to make room for the bus. You should also give way to vehicles travelling downhill towards you. 

  • Never drive off the tracks, inland sand tracks are softer as they don’t have the regular wash of the tides from the shore to compress the sand, so your best traction will be on the man-made driving tracks.

  • Give way to wildlife and pedestrians. Try to drive around flocks of birds resting, and keep an eye out for dingoes. If you see a dingo you should remain in your vehicle and slow down to let them pass. 

  • Park at the top of the beach well out of the way of moving traffic. It’s advisable to park at an angle to let other vehicles know you aren’t planning to move. Parking on sand dunes is strictly prohibited. 

  • When approaching someone on 75-Mile Beach, since there are no road lines or traffic lights, it’s a good idea to use your indicator to let the other vehicle know you’re aware of them and your intention is to remain on your side. For instance, if you’re approaching another vehicle, you should indicate to the side of the approaching vehicle you intend to remain on. People often get distracted by the beautiful scenery, so this will alleviate any confusion! 

  • Don’t drive at night, give yourself plenty of time to reach your destination well and truly before dark. There are many hazards that are much harder to see at night, including incoming tides, unexpected creeks, and people fishing for instance. Best to leave the driving during the day. 

  • Avoid getting too close to the shoreline, as it’s easy to misjudge the softness of the sand and get bogged. You should also exercise caution when approaching creeks. If you’re unsure of the depth, stop your vehicle away from the creek and wade out to test its depth. 

If you follow the above, you will be well on your way to enjoying the holiday of a lifetime on Fraser Island! For more safe sand driving tips, click here

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