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Romantic Things to Do on K'gari

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Tom Linkins
Updated Wed 17 Jan 2024

Looking for romantic things to do on K'gari (Fraser Island)? Fall in love with K’gari as you honeymoon with your sweetie around the island’s natural beauty. The dramatic inland dunes, waves crashing on beaches that stretch into infinity, and crystal-clear waters of Lake Mackenzie and Eli Creek are sure to get your hearts going lub-dub, lub-dub, lub-dub. (Isn’t it cute that the sound a heart sounds like it’s saying loved up?)

In the interest of saving all your energy for the loving times ahead, we've put our heads together to make a list of the most romantic things to do on K'gari (Fraser Island). We’ve also included a few Rainbow Beach and Hervey Bay experiences, as they’re popular jumping-off points for K’gari and feature fabulous activities to kick off or conclude your romantic island getaway. Check out our loved up list of all the most heart stopping, syrupy and romantic things to do on K’gari (Fraser Island)!

Couple silhouetted by sunset with ocean in background

Top Romantic Things To Do On K'gari (Fraser Island)

There are so many great ways to visit K'gari (Fraser Island) as a couple so you can have the ultimate romantic getaway. If you don't already have your own 4WD, consider renting one! You can hire a cozy Suzuki Jimny with Aussie Trax that suits 2 people, so you have complete privacy and the freedom to adventure your own way. Alternatively, you can book a private guided day tour where you'll get an exclusive look into the island's beauty with a charismatic local guide. 

There are lots of great options, so chat with our travel experts if you're unsure of which tour or 4WD hire suits you and your loved one. Now let's get into the most romantic things to do on the world's largest sand island!

couple hugging near the beach at sunrise

Picnic at Lake McKenzie

Lake McKenzie is one of the crowning glories of K’gari (Fraser Island), and no trip to this island of boundless beauties would be complete without a splash in its crystal-clear waters or a sunny snooze on its pure white sands. This is the ideal location for a romantic picnic and even provides a stunning backdrop for a proposal — just make sure your photographers are hiding in the grass, so you don’t spoil the surprise! 

Couple walking hand in hand along Lake Mackenzie

Drift Down Eli Creek in a Duo of Doughnuts

Now, when I say doughnuts, I obviously don’t mean the scrumptious, fluffy, cinnamony kind. I’m talking about inflatable tubes, but don’t let that stop you from hand feeding your sweetie glutenous treaties as you relax on your inflatable vessel. Start your Eli Creek outing with a romantic stroll under the banksia and pandanus as you make your way toward the footbridge at the end of the boardwalk.

This is the best and most popular jumping off point to ride the natural currents of Eli Creek. So, get your cute little tushies in those tubes and slip into dreamy bliss as one of the largest creeks on K’gari carries you seaward. At high tide Eli Creek can drift straight out to sea, so be careful not to lose sight of your sweetheart as you reach the creek’s end.

Couple drifting down Eli Creek on inflatable toys

Canoodle at Champagne Pools

Another tres romantique swimming destination is Champagne Pools, located along 75 Mile Beach on K’gari’s eastern shores. A great cluster of rocks on the ocean’s edge protect these shallow pools from the strong currents and booming shark population, and create stunning displays of waves crashing overhead and raining down on the pools in a fizz to give the impression of swimming in a mammoth glass of champagne. Is there anything sexier than the vision of you and your boo floating in an oversized glass of premier bubbles?

Aerial shot of Champagne Pools

Kayak Alongside Majestic Marine Life

Stopping by the glorious technicoloured sands of Rainbow Beach on your way to or from K’gari? Consider gliding into the placid and serene waters for a kayak alongside dolphins, turtles, rays, and soaring seabirds. On top of that, you’ll score some stunning views of Rainbow Beach’s coloured cliffs, and trust us when we say that copping the big picture view is worth the paddle out!

Couple kayaking in distance, dolphin playing in foreground

Go Whale Watching

If you’re visiting in July, August, September or October, you’ll be lucky enough to share the island with a majestic migration of humpback whales! Of course, you could always park yourselves on the sandy shores of K’gari of an afternoon with a pair of binoculars in hand, hoping to catch a glimpse of these sea giants frolicking through the waves, but why not get up close and personal with them?! Set sail with Tasman Ventures’ Half Day Whale Watching Encounter and get so close that you can play connect the dots with the barnacles on their backs. The vessel even features a specially designed platform that will take you right to the water’s edge — talk about front row seats!

Aerial shot of whale

Sail into the Sunset

Watch the setting sun twinkle in your lover’s eyes and become completely and utterly enraptured in the natural splendour of K’gari on a sunset cruise from Hervey Bay. As the sun slips behind the horizon after another glorious day in the Sunshine State, watch it casts its enchanting glow over the coastline of Hervey Bay and the sandy shores of K'gari (Fraser Island). On top of the sensational sunset views, enjoy a complimentary beverage of your choice and a selection of platters. Blue Dolphin Tours and Salty Safari both offer all inclusive daily sunset cruises!

Aerial shot of boat sailing into sunset

Start planning your romantic island getaway today, and chat with our amazing travel experts to make sure you're getting the sweetest deals for your sweetheart.

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