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Eli Creek On K'gari (Fraser Island)

Updated Tue 14 Mar 2023

One of the most popular places to visit on K'gari (Fraser Island) is the stunning Eli Creek. This gorgeous freshwater stream is the largest creek on the eastern side of K'gari, the largest sand island in the world! Surrounded by golden sand dunes, rich rainforests, and the deep blue of the Pacific Ocean, this is the perfect place for a swim, a picnic, or a photo session on K'gari!

Eli creek, inflatables

How To Get To Eli Creek, K'gari (Fraser Island)

You can reach Eli Creek on foot from 75 Mile BeachThis iconic sand highway stretches along the east coast of K'gari, and numerous attractions are easily accessible from the beach. Just remember, you can only visit K'gari with a 4WD!

Drive along 75 Mile Beach until you reach Eli Creek Campground Ground, where there is a sign pointing to the creek. Park your car on the beach and walk right over! Eli Creek is a very popular spot on K'gari, particularly during peak travel season. Arrive early if you want to avoid the crowds!

There is a long wooden boardwalk that crosses over Eli Creek and trails up alongside the water. Follow the boardwalk up the creek until the stairs lead down into the water. It is not recommended to venture beyond the boardwalk because Eli Creek is an important part of the K'gari ecosystem that must be protected. Various plant and animal species call Eli Creek home, so only hang out in the designated tourist areas. 

Eli Creek Boardwalk

Can You Swim In Eli Creek?

Yes, you can swim in Eli Creek! This beautiful creek is actually one of the best places for swimming on K'gari (Fraser Island). Many travelers will opt to float down the river on an inflatable tube, so don't forget to bring a floatie if you want to partake in the fun! Eli Creek has a light current that will carry you down to the mouth of the river. But remember, K'gari's oceans are full of strong riptides and sharks, so be sure to hop out of the water before you reach the ocean! 

Eli Creek

Is Eli Creek Fresh Water?

Eli Creek is composed of fresh water, and it is some of the purest and cleanest water on the island! Eli Creek begins high in K'gari's sand dunes and moves around 80 million liters of freshwater out to sea every day! The soft, fine sand filters the rainwater that accumulates in the lake, leaving incredibly pure and crystal-clear freshwater behind.

Eli Creek is so clean that you can drink the water right from the source. Fill up your water bottles here and enjoy a nice long drink of K'gari's purest water. If you are going to swim in Eli Creek, try to avoid wearing sunscreens and other beauty products that may pollute the lake. However, Eli Creek is moving water that gets naturally filtered, so the creek will clean itself. When swimming in perched lakes such as Lake McKenzie, it's very important not to wear any sunscreens!

Clean Eli Creek water

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