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Top Instagram Destinations on K'gari (Fraser Island)

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Roma Doonga
Updated Tue 21 Feb 2023

Floaties in champagne pools, Fraser Island

K’gari (Fraser Island) should be at the top of any photographer's list whilst exploring the East Coast of Australia. K’gari is the world’s largest sand island and is famous for its long sandy beaches that allow for 4WDing! Whether you are behind the wheel or on foot, you’ll find ample opportunities to capture all the wonders of Fraser Island and the nature that lives there. This island is located a three-hour drive north of Brisbane, and believe us, you’ll want to stay the night and camp under the stars. Spending the night on the West Coast of Fraser means you will witness incredible sunsets, whilst the East Coast of Fraser is home to epic beaches (perfect for 4WDs) and iconic locations, including the Maheno Shipwreck!

Some of our top Instagram destinations on K’gari (Fraser Island) include the following:

Landscape photo of Lake Mckenzie

Lake Mckenzie

In the heart of the island, you’ll find Lake Mckenzie, a turquoise blue water lake, perfect to cool off after a day of driving. This lake is a marvel on this island, boasting white silica sands and crystal-clear water. This is a must-have Instagram photo for all travellers on Fraser Island. We recommend you bring a few floaties so you can relax on the water (just picture the photos!) with you and your mates.

Aerial shot of Maheno Shipwreck

S.S.Maheno Shipwreck

There are many Insta-worthy photo opportunities on the East Coast of Fraser Island. Number one being the Maheno Shipwreck. Located north of Happy Valley, you’ll find the magnificent shipwreck. Are you curious how the ship ended up on the shores of K’gari? The Maheno Shipwreck was beached during a cyclone in 1935 whilst journeying towards Japan. It was originally used as a New Zealand passenger ship and a hospital ship in World War I. It now lays on the coast, getting battered by the ever-pounding saltwater waves - but makes for a unique backdrop!

Shot of people floating down the lazy river of Eli Creeks

Eli Creek

Cruise down Eli Creek on a floaty and show off how relaxed your K’gari holiday is! Eli Creek is a natural lazy river and a main attraction on the island. It’s a charming creek with shallow waters, located on the East Coast, not too far from the Maheno Shipwreck! Grab your favourite floaty and let the river gently drift you downstream. Eli Creek has a wooden boardwalk, perfect for taking photos from different angles. Eli Creek is so enchanting, you can spend a whole day there!

Campchairs and sunset on Fraser Island

Sunset on Fraser

Fraser island is one of the few locations in Queensland where you’ll see a sunset over the ocean! Sunsets are a wonderful opportunity to take photos for Instagram, this is because the sun provides a golden glow at this time - what we like to call golden hour! With a sandy background and crashing waves, this image will be the most romantic of your trip. Be sure to keep an eye on the sky, so you don’t miss the sunset hues over K’gari (Fraser Island)

Aerial shot of Champagne Pools and its landscape

Champagne Pools

Between Waddy Point and Indian Head, you’ll drive by the Champagne Pools! Snap an up-close picture of the waves and Fraser landscapes. The Champagne Pools are a collection of naturally formed rock pools. The crashing waves and seafoam give this location its name as the water bubbles, just like champagne! For a relaxed experience, visit Champagne Pools at low tide. There is also a beautiful boardwalk before you reach your destination, and it has wonderful spots to take pictures with a backdrop of Fraser’s beaches.

Other Instagram photo opportunities

Selfie on Paddleboard Fraser Island

Capture your favourite island activity

Capture yourself doing your favourite island activity! Fraser Island is a favourited fishing destination, and the best time to cast a line is at sunrise and sunset; coincidentally, this is also golden hour, perfect for photos. Or better yet, upload your biggest catch on Fraser Island and tag us @Fraser-Tours! Other activities include Jet Skiing, paddleboarding, kayaking and anything fun in the sun! If you don’t like the saltwater in the ocean, take your watersports to a creek and capture your Instagram moment there!

Shot of Camp set up Sandy Cape Campsite

Show off your awesome camp set up

Fraser Island is on every Australians camping bucket list, so when you’ve finished setting up camp, don’t forget to snap a pic of your awesome campsite and set up! Australians are known for their ultimate camping and travel across the country, and you’ll come across some of Australia’s best camping set-ups on Fraser Island! With so many National Parks and beautiful sights on the island, it's no wonder the camping culture is so vast! Don’t miss your opportunity to flex on the ‘gram with your Fraser Island camping set up, equipped with all your favourite accessories.

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