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Automatic Vehicle 4X4 Hire and Tag-along Options for Fraser Island

Fraser Island is one of the top destinations for travellers from every walk of life. With its endless iconic natural attractions, unique flora and fauna, and exciting activities such as 4 wheel driving on the sand, this destination should be on everyone’s bucket list. If you’re looking to hire a 4WD or join a tag-along tour, but don’t want to drive a manual vehicle, we’ve got a full list of automatic vehicles available. 

4WD Hire

Hiring your own 4WD is a great way to explore Fraser Island at your own pace. Generally you’re given great tips and sample itineraries as a guideline for where to go and what to see, so you won’t miss out on any of what Fraser has to offer! These are the hire companies that offer automatic vehicles:

Fraser Dingo 4WD Hire

Fraser Dingo 4WD hire, Fraser Island

Fraser Dingo is an icon on Fraser Island, with their bright pink and blue Toyota Landcruiser Prados, you’ll be hard to miss when trekking around Fraser Island. These have been modified specifically for the unique terrain on the Great Sandy Island. 

Aussie Trax 4X4 Hire

Aussie Trax offers manual or automatic transmission vehicles, so you’ll have your choice if you require several vehicles for your group but have different preferences. Your choice of Toyota Landcruiser Wagons are also air-conditioned, perfect for the summer months! There is also a or Suzuki Jimny option as well. 

Tag-Along Tours

If you still want to drive your own vehicle but want the peace of mind of a tour, tag-alongs are a great option. Vehicles are lead by a guide, and you’ll follow each other around while you visit the top destinations of Fraser Island. Local knowledge and the comfort of knowing you’ve got assistance should you run into any issues makes this option great for first-timers to the island. These are the companies that offer automatic transmission:

Dropbears Tag-Along Camping Safari

Drop Bears Tag-Along Tours, Fraser Island

Drop Bears Toyota Landcruiser 4WD 80 series are fully automatic and can take up to 8 people. Added bonus to this tour is their Wilderness Safari Campsite and K'gari cultural experiences.

Pippies Tag-Along Camping Safari

Pippies Tag-Along Tour, Fraser Island

Pippies tag-along vehicles are Toyota Land Cruiser, 80 series or 100 series, and are all automatic. One of the only privately-owned campsites on Fraser Island, you’ll have the comfort of a campfire and dingo fence at night. 

Fraser Dingo Tag-Along Tour

Fraser Dingo Tag-Along Tours, Fraser Island

In addition to hire, Fraser Dingo offers tag-along tours. Instead of camping, this tour lets guests spend the night in Eurong Resort after a long day of adventure. The same vehicles as the hire option are used, and automatic.

For information on age restrictions for hire and tag-along tours, click here

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