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What Kind Of Accommodation Is There On K'gari (Fraser Island)?

Updated Fri 20 Jan 2023

K'gari (Fraser Island) has several types of accommodation options for visitors, including tag-along tours, camping options, and resorts. From camping amongst the rainforests to lounging at a luxury resort, there are options for a wide range of travelers. You can really travel at your own comfort level depending on what type of budget you're working with and what kind of traveller you are! So explore the various types of K'gari accommodations and tours and see what suits you best!

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Accommodation On K'gari (Fraser Island)

The two main options for accommodation on K'gari are camping or resorts. Camping provides a real bush experience. There are 45 designated camping areas on K'gari, and they are well spread out across the island so you will always have a nearby option for somewhere to stay. Just make sure you get camping permits, or if you are on a tour then the permits will be included. 

Resorts are the other type of accommodation on K'gari. Kingfisher Bay Resort is the most popular option, and it is located right near the ferry terminal on the west side of the island. This is a more luxurious option for travelers, as you have all the amenities and comforts of modern life right at your fingertips!

Kingfisher Bay Resort

Tag-along and Camping Tours

Tag along and camping tours are a top way to explore K'gari. These types of tours involve camping in tents and tipis after a day or two of tag-along driving. This means you will spend your day following your guide around the island in your own 4x4 vehicle that will be filled with guests from your tour.

There is an elected driver for every vehicle, but many people opt to sit back and relax. So you can choose if you want to drive or hang out in the back! You will spend your nights in the bush, enjoying the natural surroundings of K'gari and sleeping in the elements. This is a great option for the real hands-on traveller who would like to experience the natural beauty of K'gari up close. 

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Tag-along and Resort Tours

This type of tour is great if you do want to enjoy the thrill of driving on K'gari (Fraser Island) but prefer to stay in a more comfortable accommodation. There are several resorts on the island, each ranging in price, comfort, and style. The resorts allow you to have a bit more freedom and privacy and have more amenities than camping.

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Guided Resort Tours

Guided resort tours mean that you will get to stay at a resort by night but spend your days being guided around the island in a 4X4 vehicle. Your guide will be at the wheel, with your whole group in the one big 4WD for a day of fun and activity.

This is a great option for those who like to travel in a little more comfort and style and want to have a more hands-off experience that doesn't involve driving. There are often several accommodation types to choose from as well, ranging from dorm-style to private rooms that will allow you to enjoy a comfortable night's sleep inside.

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4WD Hire and Self Drive 

You can also drive yourself around K'gari! Hire a 4WD and explore the island at your leisure. With this option, you can choose to stay at one of the 45 different campsites on the island, or you can book a stay at a resort. This option provides you with the most flexibility. Just make sure you organize all your driving permits and camping permits in advance. 

If you are a solo traveler, hiring your own 4WD can be pretty expensive so your best option may be to go on a guided tour. But if you're a group of friends or a couple, you can explore K'gari on your own. There are accommodation options on K'gari to suit every scenario!

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