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8 Best Campsites On K'gari (Fraser Island)

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Gabby Boucher
Updated Tue 18 Apr 2023

Amidst the dense rainforests, crystal-clear lakes, and gorgeous beaches of the world’s largest sand island, there are some epic campsites on K’gari (Fraser Island)! K’gari is one of the best places to visit in Australia for outdoor adventures. Though the island is pretty popular among tourists, it is still a very rugged, remote, and wild place.

Camping enthusiasts absolutely have to plan a trip to K’gari (Fraser Island). Not only is the island simply stunning, it is highly protected and well-maintained. There are 45 designated camping areas on K’gari (Fraser Island), all of which are run by Queensland National Parks. There are also some private campsites and more luxury accommodations available. This article will highlight 8 of the best campsites on K’gari (Fraser Island), as well as outline some important info you may need to know for your camping trip. 

camping on K'gari

Do You Need A Permit To Camp On K’gari (Fraser Island)?

Yes, you need a permit to camp on K’gari (Fraser Island). Apply and pay for your camping permit online before you arrive on the island. All K’gari campsites require advance bookings, especially during peak travel season. If you are visiting K’gari on a guided camping tour, all permits will be taken care of for you.

Keep in mind, K’gari is so pristine because of the strict rules on the island! Camping permits, 4WD driving permits, and national park permits all help keep tourism under control so the island can remain pure and wild. Be sure to do your research and come to the island fully prepared so you can enjoy your trip to the wilderness without any hassle!

Rainforest K'gari

The 8 Best Campsites On K’gari (Fraser Island)

Here are 8 of the best campsites on K’gari (Fraser Island). We’ll discuss everything you may need to know for spending the night at these incredible spots. Though there are heaps more camping sites to choose from, these ones are highly recommended by travelers. We’ll also briefly mention some other popular campsites on K’gari (Fraser Island) at the end of the article.

Camping tents

Waddy Point 

Waddy Point is a beautiful headland near the north of K’gari. Nearby attractions include Orchid Beach, Champagne Pools, and Indian Head Lookout, but you can only drive along the Eastern Beach Scenic Drive two hours before or after low tide so make sure you plan your arrival accordingly. 

Waddy Point campsite has 25 spots by the beach for tents and 6 spots for campers, trailers, and high-clearance 4WDs. Bookings are essential and campsites cost around $6.75 per person and $27 per family per night. This camping spot has water taps, coin-operated hot showers, flush toilets, fire pits, and even a dingo fence to keep you and your belongings safe from wild dingos!

Waddy Point


Another one of the best campsites on K’gari (Fraser Island) is Dundubara. This beachfront campsite can be found on 75 Mile Beach, the iconic Sand Highway that runs the length of K’gari’s eastern shore. This particular campsite is about 10km north of the Maheno Shipwreck and Eli Creek

Campsites here start at $6.65 per night. The tent camping area can fit about 47 guests, and there is space for 5 camping areas. This spacious fenced area behind the sand dunes is also one of the only campsites on K’gari where campfires are allowed! There are also water taps and coin-operated hot showers, but there is little phone reception. 

Maheno Shipwreck sunrise

Dilli Village

Dilli Village Campsite is a popular camping spot near the southern end of K’gari (Fraser Island). About 100m from the beach, this privately run campsite puts you in the perfect spot for exploring the surrounding lakes, rainforests, and sand dunes. Dilli Village is also the starting point for the southern end of the K’gari Great Walk, an epic walking trail that traverses the lush landscapes of the island. 

One of the more modern campsites on K’gari, Dilli Village has a large grassy camping area with a dingo fence. There are 9 powered sites and 15 unpowered sites as well as self-contained cabins if you want to book a more modern form of accommodation. This campsite has all your necessary amenities and even allows campfires.


Lake McKenzie 

The world-famous Lake McKenzie is one of the top attractions on K’gari (Fraser Island). But did you know you can camp here? The Lake McKenzie campsite is part of the K’gari Great Walk, therefore it is a very remote and limited campground. The campsite is walk-in only with non-flush toilets and picnic tables being the only facilities. There is no dingo fence, so you are truly out in the wilderness here. 

So if you’re looking for a secluded tent campsite nestled in the rainforest without many crowds, this may be the spot for you! And you’ll have the added bonus of camping within walking distance from Lake McKenzie, one of the most stunning lakes in all of Australia. 

Lake McKenzie

Lake Boomanjin

A very special place to camp on K’gari (Fraser Island) is the campsite at Lake Boomanjin. This spectacular body of water is not only the largest lake on the island, it is the largest perched lake in the world! Stained red by the surrounding tea trees, Lake Boomanjin isn’t as beautiful as its more popular neighbor, Lake McKenzie. But it is a peaceful place to camp and swim and you definitely won’t have many crowds there!

This campsite is walk-in only so it’s only suitable for tents. So it’s extra secluded, perfect for those who want to immerse themselves in the wilderness! There are toilets, picnic tables, and washing-up facilities, but no showers. The campsites are not defined so it’s kind of a free-for-all. Bug spray is recommended, but avoid sunscreen if you’re going to swim in the lake. Despite its red color, Lake Boomanjin is very clean and sunscreen can pollute the pure waters!

Lake Boomanjin

Cathedrals On Fraser 

One of the most well-equipped and popular campsites on K’gari (Fraser Island) is Cathedrals On Fraser. Often used by tour companies, including the iconic Pippies Tag Along Tour, Cathedrals on Fraser has all the modern amenities you may need for a comfortable yet adventurous K’gari experience. Complete with powered and unpowered campsites, glamping tents, and self-contained cabins, there are options for all types of travelers.

This dingo-fenced campsite also has hot showers, flush toilets, kitchen facilities, coin-operated laundry, and drinking water. In your free time, you can take advantage of the regulated campfire spots, the volleyball nets, ping pong tables, and free wifi. Cathedrals on Fraser is also home to its own general store where you can buy groceries, ice, fuel, gear, and pharmaceuticals. This is a great place to stay on K’gari if you want a more sophisticated experience with all the comforts of modern life.

Cathedrals on Fraser camping

Central Station 

Central Station Campground is a very accessible place to camp on K’gari (Fraser Island). Situated amongst the towering rainforests, there is no better place to breathe in that crisp forest air and listen to the sounds of nature than Central Station. The campground is just a short drive away from the main tourist centre on Wanggoolba Creek.

There are 55 campsites at Central Station, 15 of which are suitable for large camper trailers. Complete with dingo fencing, picnic tables, flush toilets, coin-operated cold showers, and plenty of shade, this modest campsite is a lovely place to camp on K’gari. 

Central Station sign

Moon Point

Last but not least on our list of the best campsites on K’gari (Fraser Island) is Moon Point. This is the ultimate spot for adventurous travelers who want to escape all the crowds and have a really wild experience on K’gari. Located on the non-touristy west coast, this private campground is best accessed by boat. It’s very remote here, and the sites are unmarked and suitable for tents only.

But if you have the means to access this secluded campground, you are in for a real treat. Moon Point faces the beautiful Great Sandy Strait, which is excellent for whale watching in winter. You can enjoy fishing, canoeing, kayaking, and swimming with basically no other tourists around. There is no dingo fence and this campground is not recommended for families with small children. But if you want to experience true wilderness, this spot is perfect!

Whale watching

More Camping Spots On K’gari

In addition to these 8 campsites on K’gari (Fraser Island), there 9 camping zones on Eastern Beach and 7 camping zones on Western Beach. Beach camping does not have any amenities, campfires, or labeled sites, but you still have to book in advance because only a certain number of people are allowed in the camping zones. 

Eastern Beach is a more accessible and popular place to camp. Dingos Tag Along Camping Safari brings travelers to their own spot on Eastern Beach, and travelers camping without a tour are advised to bring everything they need as there are no amenities and there is no cell phone service. Camping on Western Beach is a much more remote experience. Only high-clearance 4WDs should venture here due to the soft sand which makes it easy to get bogged.

Whether you choose to camp at an official campsite with amenities, or you choose to rough it in the wilderness, K'gari is a beautiful place and you are sure to have the trip of a lifetime!

Camping on K'gari

Ready to plan your camping trip to K’gari (Fraser Island)? Book a camping tour or organize your own trip with the help of our friendly travel experts!

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