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Waddy Point On K'gari (Fraser Island)

Updated Thu 08 Feb 2024

There are lots of amazing places to visit on K'gari (Fraser Island), and Waddy Point is one of them! Most of the K'gari attractions are located around the Eastern Beach and the centre of the world's largest sand island, including Lake McKenzie, Central Station, Eli Creek, and more. For those looking to escape the crowds and hang out somewhere beautiful on this World Heritage Site, head up to Waddy Point!

couple overlooking the coastline of northern K'gari

Where Is Waddy Point On K'gari (Fraser Island)?

Waddy Point is a popular camping area on the northeast coast of K'gari (Fraser Island). This beautiful area is located only a few kilometres east of the township of Orchid Beach. Ideally located for island exploration, Waddy Point is close to some of the top attractions near the north of the island, such the Binngih Sandblow, the Champagne Pools, and Indian Head Lookout.

bright blue water at waddy point on the north of K'gari

Where Can I Camp At Waddy Point?

There are two campgrounds in this area - Waddy Point Top (dingo-fenced) and Waddy Point Beach Front. Both offer spectacular wilderness camping with ocean views and a few small luxuries such as flushing toilets and coin-operated hot showers. There are also communal fire rings for toasting marshmallows, coin-operated BBQs and a transfer station on the beach.

people gathered at a campsite in the wilderness

Why Visit Waddy Point?

Waddy Point is a stunning, secluded corner of K'gari (Fraser Island) that offers many opportunities for adventure outdoors. Travellers staying at Waddy Point can enjoy some of the best fishing gutters on the island - thousands of anglers visit every year to catch the plentiful tailor, dart, bream, flathead and whiting from the beach. On a calm day, Marloo Bay’s sheltered waters are perfect for kayaking, canoeing or trying your luck at stand-up paddleboarding.

Visit Waddy Point’s rocky headland to explore the natural rock pools, stroll along the sand dunes to Conner’s Corner or take the 2.4km return track to the Binngih Sandblow - there is plenty to keep everyone entertained at Wabby Point.

girl looking at a Champagne Pools rock formation

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