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Wanggoolba Creek on K'gari (Fraser Island)

Updated Fri 29 Dec 2023

Wanggoolba Creek on K'gari (Fraser Island) is an enchanting destination located in the lush rainforests at Central Station. It is perhaps one of the island's most underrated destinations to visit, but it's definitely worth checking out! The crystal clear creek is found on the western side of the island and makes its way out to the beach and into the ocean, weaving its way through the rainforest as it goes.

close up of a peaceful creek in a rainforest

Wanggoolba Creek at Central Station, K'gari (Fraser Island)

Wanggoolba Creek is most easily accessed via the boardwalk at Central Station. The famous Central Station is a former logging station that is now a historic relic of the island's previously booming timber industry. Framed by massive trees and gorgeous rainforests, Central Station is one of the best places to visit on K'gari (Fraser Island). 

The most popular activity at Central Station is strolling along the rainforest boardwalk. Along this leisurely, easy walk, you'll pass by Wanggoolba Creek and even cross a bridge right over the creek. The creek provides a great opportunity to see the clear calm waters flowing over the sand for a truly subtropical experience.

Since logging was outlawed on K'gari (Fraser Island), Central Station and Wanggoolba Creek have become places of serenity, relaxation, and exploration. Wanggoolba Creek is considered to be a sacred place for women of the Butchulla, K'gari's traditional owners. This helps make it a special and important place in regards to the history of K'gari.

people standing on Central Station boardwalk over the creek

K'gari (Fraser Island) Tours That Visit Wanggoolba Creek and Central Station

Because Wanggoolba Creek and Central Station are conveniently located in the center of K'gari (Fraser Island), almost all tours visit these locations. Central Station is also just a short drive away from Lake McKenzie, another one of the island's highlights. Almost all day tours and overnight tours include a stop at Central Station, where you can walk along the boardwalk and admire Wanggoolba Creek. You can double-check tour itineraries to make sure you'll visit Central Station!

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wanggoolba creek in the rainforest on K'gari

Is Wanggoolba Creek Worth Visiting?

Wanggoolba Creek and Central Station are definitely worth visiting, especially if you want a close-up look at the gorgeous and dense rainforests on K'gari (Fraser Island). With towering trees that miraculously grow out of the sand, you can admire this incredible natural world and immerse yourself in the serenity of this Heritage-listed island. 

Wangoolba Creek is a great place to capture photos and make memories that will encapsulate the forests and waterways of the island. The bright green trees contrast with the white sands, crystal clear water and warmness of the forest, creating a natural masterpiece! Enjoy all the sights and sounds of the creek as you look for birds and breathe in that crisp forest air. 

people walking along a boardwalk in the rainforest

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