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K'gari (Fraser Island) Day Walks

Updated Wed 07 Dec 2022

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With an abundance of incredible corners of nature on the lush island of K’gari, there are plenty of walks, hikes, treks and adventures you can do! And, if you’re short on time and want to escape to tranquil rainforests and stunning lakes in just a day, you’re in luck. With an incredible selection of shorter and longer walks, lace up your boots and hit the trail for a day of natural wonder.

Map of K'gari (Fraser Island) Destinations

Short Day Walks

Lake Wabby car park to Lake Wabby

Length: 3.1km return (1 - 1.5hrs)

Park your 4WD at the day area or depart from the Lake Wabby walkers’ camp on the shorter walk descending to Lake Wabby. Stop by the Lake Wabby lookout to gaze out at the marvellous Hammerstone Sandblow, Lake Wabby and the beach, before wandering down the trail of steps. Make your way down to the emerald pool with significant Butchulla history, and explore the golden sands of Hammerstone Blow. Return the same way you came.

Lake Boomanjin to Wongi Sandblow

Length: 4.2km return (1.5 - 2hrs)

Whether you’re driving out to Lake Boomanjin or looking for something to do after a night of camping at the walkers’ camp, amble southward along the trail towards Dilli Village. After about 2 km of walking the way, stop at the lookout and gaze at the vast Wongi Sandblows. An incredible, easy-to-access spot perfect for a simple day trip.

Valley of the Giants to the giant tallowwood

Length: 2.6km return (1 - 1.5hrs)

Only accessible by foot, Valley of the Giants is one of the most tranquil, mesmerising parts of K’gari’s towering forest. Ancient satinays and tallowoods create a lush canopy as you wander through this dense, flourishing rainforest to the mesmerising giant tallowood that is hundreds of years old. Read about this fascinating tree before returning to the Valley of the Giants walkers’ camp, or continuing on the K’gari Great Walk.

Four people walking through K'gari (Fraser Island) in the forest

Long Day Walks (5 hrs +)

Lake Boomanjin to Dilli Village

Length: 12.6km return (4 - 6hrs)

Accessible by vehicle, park your 4WD at Lake Boomanjin’s day-use area and embark on this towards Dilli Village. Your first stop is, of course, Lake Boomanjin, the largest perched lake in the world! Have a swim and relax before heading south through eucalypt forest. You will pass Wongi Sandblow, and if you make a steep, short detour, you will catch the ethereal views from the top. Trek through open forest, gum woodlands, coral ferns and swampy verges before reaching Dilli Village where melaleucas and banksia trees are abundant! Return on the same path. This walk can be done in reverse, and there is camping available to book at Lake Boomanjin for those looking for an overnight experience.

Lake Boomanjin to Lake Benaroon

Length: 14.4km return (6 - 7 hrs)

A great return trip for avid walkers craving plenty of swims, begin your journey at Lake Boomanjin (day parking or walkers camp facilities available). Depart from Lake Boomanjin’s north-western shores, following the signed track through open woodland and up a ridge. Keep your eyes out for brush box and blackbutt, kauri pines, staghorn, palm lilies and plentiful moss species. Descend the ridge, following the track along the dazzling shoreline towards the walker’s camp at Lake Benarooon, where you can choose to book online and stay. For those returning to Lake Boomanjin, it’s time for a refreshing swim, before returning along the same track.

Central Station to Lake Birrabeen

Length: 12.8km return (4.5 - 6.5hrs)

Park at the Central Station day use area, or after a night at the campgrounds, wander through tranquil rainforest woodlands. Take time to slow down and enjoy nature as you head south towards the stunning Lake Birrabeen. Your walk will be adorned with closed forests, cool canopies and colourful bird life. Reach the white sandy shores and crystal-clear waters of Lake Birrabeen for lunch at the day-use area before returning along the same track to Central Station.

Kingfisher Bay Resort to Lake Mackenzie

Length: 25.5km return (8 - 10hrs)

A longer trek, but the perfect way to spend a day is to embark on the Kingfisher Bay Resort to Lake Boorangoora (Lake Mackenzie). Follow the old tramline through calm sclerophyll on a winding trail to the dazzling shorelines of Lake Boorangoora. A swim, rest and snack are in order before the return journey home along the same route. A unique way to see the famous Lake Mackenzie from your accommodation, and truly connect with nature. 

Valley of the Giants forest, K'gari

Bush Safety Tips

When walking any trail, or embarking on any adventure, remember to be mindful, prepared and safe. Follow these tips and any signed information along your journey! 

Plan your journey 

With less-than-reliable mobile reception around the island, make sure you have offline downloaded, or even better, a printed map of your route. Always tell someone where and when you’re walking before you leave, and, if you're planning to stay at a campsite, remember to book your stay in advance through the K’gari National Park. 

Dingo Safety

When on K’gari, it’s imperative to practice dingo safety. Check out our wongari (dingo) guide to staying safe and mindful of your canine neighbours on this beautiful island.


Whenever heading out on a walk, bring at least 2 L of water per person, and more if you’re planning on going for a longer walk. Always check the National Park updates for water source reliability, particularly in the summer and treat all water before drinking.

Leave no trace

Take nothing but photographs and leave nothing but footsteps on your K’gari walks, trading mindfully and thinking about the environment around you. Remember to take your rubbish with you and minimise your impact. 

Dingo in a field on K'gari

Can’t get enough of the lush tropical rainforest and tranquil walks off the beaten path?

Check out our guide to the K’gari Great Walk, spanning over a week and full of stunning lake stops and starlit walkers camps.

Or, book an unforgettable camping adventure across the whole island to experience K’gari in a fun, hands-on way! 

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