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Bats of K'gari

Updated Fri 08 Jul 2022

Every night at dusk, one million bats fly from Hervey Bay to K'gari to feast. Home to a colony of 3 different species of fruit bats, Hervey Bay boasts anywhere between one and two million at any given time. 

Bats in Fraser Island

The migration is a spectacle worth seeing, and although the colony covers the sky every night from 6.50 to 7.20pm, their presence doesn’t interfere with holidaymakers at all. In fact, they only add to the magic of the Fraser Coast!

Boasting a wingspan of about a metre, these bats dangle upside down in trees in Hervey Bay during the day, before heading to K'gari at dusk. They’re also protected by law, speaking to their significance. In fact, they’re so significant that the flying foxes actually pollinate the hardwood forests of K'gari. 

Bats in Fraser Island

Bats are not harmful to humans unless they are handled irresponsibly. They may carry diseases or viruses harmful to humans but risk of infection is extremely low. One thing that is important to know is that if you do find an injured bat or flying fox, don’t attempt to handle it or help it. Instead, call the local environmental authorities and raise the alarm that way.

Bats in Fraser Island
All in all, you should not be worried about your exposure to bats while holidaying on K'gari. Instead, you should be delighted to experience the natural marvel of their feeding migration and recognise their important role in the biodiversity of the destination.

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