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A National Icon: The Fraser Island Dingo

It's hard to turn a corner in Australia without seeing some of the nation's rich and unique fauna at every glance.

Stretching from the north to the south, this is a lucky country filled with cuddly koalas from the south, playful platypuses in the east, gleeful galas above in the treetops and the cunning crocodiles below the surface. Not to mention the colourful clownfish in the reefs, the tenacious turtles on the coast and the weary wallabies within the grasslands. Australia's unique and amazing wildlife leaves much to the imagination and we are learning new things about them every single day.

Though often shy and sometimes difficult to spot, lucky travellers can often see these Aussie icons in their natural habitat with sightings varying at different times of the year, in certain regions. However there is another national icon which is unique, not just for its natural significance but its seclusion to one region which has led to its survival throughout thousands of years.

This is obviously the iconic dingo which has been isolated on Queensland's Fraser Island, resulting in these animals retaining the purest strain of dingo surviving within Australia. The Fraser region is not just a world heritage area, the dingo population is also protected as a native species on the island which is vital to ensure their conservation. Not to be confused with wild dogs, the Fraser Island dingoes are a rarity on the island as well as in Australia, known for their purity and protected because of its shrinking population. Well-known around the world, Australia is fortunate to still have these animals in their native habitat.

So if you are hoping to see some of Australia's wildlife on your next trip, certainly put the Fraser Island pure dingoes on your list because this is one type of species you won't find anywhere else!


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