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Camping on Teewah Beach in the Great Sandy National Park

Updated Thu 04 May 2023

What Is Camping On Teewah Beach Like?

Teewah Beach is a 40km stretch of coastline near Rainbow Beach that attracts thousands of 4WD enthusiasts, surfers, campers, and fishermen each year. Golden sand covers this wide ocean beach, sea eagles soar high above the dunes, and lace monitor lizards scavenge below - this is wilderness camping at its best!

Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service (QPWS) Rangers patrol Teewah Beach daily and if you’re running short on supplies there are two local entrepreneurs who travel up and down the beach selling items such as bread, milk, ice, snacks, newspapers and more!

Campers should be aware that Teewah Beach is a high-traffic area and vehicle noise can be hard to hear over the wind and waves so it is important to keep yourself safe and always check the coast is clear before crossing the beach. Large waves and rip tides are also common along Teewah Beach so be cautious when entering the water.

Rainbow Beach

Teewah Beach Campsites And Regulations

Teewah Beach offers traditional ‘no frills’ camping with no access to toilet or shower facilities. Camping is permitted along roughly a third of Teewah Beach and the area is clearly signed. There are no marked campsites and limited shade but plenty of space for large groups or to find a secluded spot of your own to relax and enjoy the sunshine. Skip bins are located at intervals along the beach - please use these bins or take your rubbish home with you. Unfortunately, dogs are not allowed. 

If you would like to experience the majesty of Teewah Beach but prefer having access to amenities while camping, Freshwater Camping Area just behind the dunes provides unisex toilet facilities, skip bins, and coin-operated hot showers.

Also, note that this is a highly protected area! The Queensland Government has various rules in place designed to keep visitors and the environment safe. Make sure you read all the safety tips and regulations carefully before planning a camping trip to Teewah Beach!

Beach camping

Camping Permits

To camp on Teewah Beach (or in Freshwater camping area), you must purchase a National Park Camping Permit and a Vehicle Access Permit for driving on the beach. Permits can be bought from the Rainbow Beach Tourist Centre, from the QPWS office in town, or online through the QPWS website.

Camping Permits are $7 per person per night or $28 per family per night. All permits need to be displayed on your vehicle while you are on the beach.

Camping on the beach in trees

Vehicle Access

There are two ways to access Teewah Beach - via Freshwater Road which turns into a sandy track and winds through Freshwater camping area to Teewah Beach or by driving along Rainbow Beach (4WD at low tide only) and taking the Leisha Track which cuts behind Double Island Point.

Teewah Beach is only suitable for 4WD vehicles and drivers must follow the road rules at all times including wearing a seatbelt. It is also important to be aware of tide times to avoid being caught out. Free 2020 Tide Times pamphlets are available from the Rainbow Beach Tourist Centre.

4Wd down the sand highway

The Do’s and Dont’s of Camping on Teewah Beach


  • Purchase your camping and vehicle access permits before arriving as there is no mobile phone coverage at Teewah Beach
  • Read the QLD National Parks requirements before you visit
  • Remember to bring enough drinking water for your entire stay
  • Bring a portable toilet
  • Bring a first aid kit
  • Display your camping and vehicle access permits clearly on your vehicle
  • Be aware of rip tides when swimming and surfing
  • Take advantage of the great inshore fishing
  • Take plenty of photos!


  • Create a fire of any kind - beach campfires are strictly prohibited
  • Use any prohibited cooking appliances (more details here)
  • Set up camp on or near a track to block the access of others
  • Damage the vegetation or sand dunes to create more space for your camp
  • Collect bush wood, twigs, or leaves of any kind
  • Leave any rubbish around your campsite (including cigarette butts)
  • Empty portable toilets in the sand dunes
  • Forget to bring insect repellent - the mosquitoes and midges can be a nightmare!

Sun, surf, sand, and serenity. If you have a couple of spare days before or after your K'gari (Fraser Island) adventure, Teewah Beach is well worth a visit.


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