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Hervey Bay Fraser Island - Whale Heritage Site

Whales of fraser Island
Thousands of southern Humpback Whales use Hervey Bay for fun and frolicking between June and November each year. This fact has been well known to the locals for many years so it's reassuring that such a prestigious organisation agrees with us. Our whales are playful and inquisitive - they are in Hervey Bay for a rest during their epic migration.
Platypus Bay, of Fraser Island, provides a calm and safe nursery for baby humpback whales. Here they learn from their mothers and grow strong for the long swim to their winter feeding grounds in the Antarctic. The area is renowned as Australia's premier whale watching destination - and now the world's, too. Hervey Bay is on the Humpback Highway and the best time to go whale watching is during the peak of the season when there are more whales around.
From mid July until the end of October most whale watch tour operators have a “whale guarantee” if you don’t see whales you’ll get a free trip.

Fraser-tours.com has some great packages that will take you to see these magnificent mammals.

Whale Watching Tours Hervey Bay

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