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Top tips for 4x4 driving on Fraser Island

Driving on Fraser Island is an amazing experience. Consisting of inland tracks and a sand highway, it is a unique and once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! However, driving on sand and narrow inland tracks can take some getting used to and there are rules on how you should drive on Fraser Island. They have on-duty police to ensure all drivers adhere to the rules of the road and to keep everyone safe.

Remember: Only 4X4 vehicles are allowed on Fraser Island, so make sure you prepare by purchasing the appropriate permits and ensure your vehicle meets the right requirements.

Guided Tours

If you book a guided tour, you will have much less to worry than if you decide to drive yourself. With a tour, your guide will brief you and make sure you're all set for your journey. If joining a guided tour, you won't actually be doing any driving at all, but will instead sit back and relax as your guide and driver take you around the island.

Tag-Along Tours

If you're joining a tag-along tour, you have the opportunity to have a vehicle at your disposal. Each tour company has different restrictions about who can drive, with the most basic being that you have a valid driver's license. If this is the case, and you do want to drive (you don't have to!) then there are a few things to keep in mind. Again, your guide will make sure you're all set to go and brief you on the rules of the island's roads.


If you are going to tackle Fraser Island on your own, make sure you are up to speed on all of the rules of the island. Keep a recovery kit in your vehicle, ensure you're driving the right type of vehicle, always drive with someone else if possible and make sure you have a permit. Below are some other helpful tips to enhance your Fraser experience.

As seasoned Fraser Island experts, we've compiled our top 5 tips for traversing Fraser Island below! 

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Top Tips

1. Reduce Tire Pressure 

Due to the softness of the sand, reducing your tire pressure makes it much easier to drive. The give that comes with the reduced pressure gives you a more comfortable and less bouncy ride! Don't forget to pump back up when you get off the island.

2. Check the Tides

Knowing the tides is probably the most important bit of advice you will need when visiting Fraser Island. It's easy to get stuck somewhere if the tide comes in when you're not expecting it, leading to stranded vehicles until the tides pass again! Make sure you map out your routes to keep your drive as safe and as enjoyable as possible.

3. Take Your Time

When people rush, accidents happen! Always drive the speed limit and mind other vehicles and wildlife on the island. Plus, you don't want to plough past all the beauty the island has to offer!

4. Stay on the Track

Under no circumstances should you drive on the sand dunes or other off-road places as they have delicate ecosystems that would be damaged by car tires.

5. Make Sure You're in 4WD

Almost all parts of Fraser Island require that you have your vehicle in 4WD. If not, you're going to get stuck in the sand and someone will have to tow you out. If you're unsure if you are in 4WD, ask your guide!

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