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Can I Drive on My Fraser Island Tag Along Tour?

There are several tours that give guests the opportunity to drive on Fraser Island. If you plan to join a tour and wish to drive, there are several questions you may have!

What kind of tours offer driving?

If you wish to drive on Fraser Island you can choose from a tag-along tour, or hire a vehicle, however, tag-along tours allow you to drive while remaining with a group, which can save you a lot of stress (and money) in the long run. A tag-along tour is made up of a convoy of vehicles that are driven by guests, following a lead car that will be driven by their tour guide. You can choose from a tag-along and camping tour, or a tag-along with resort accommodation. All tag-along tours are overnight tours. If you are only going for a day trip, all tours are guided. Guided tours are only driven by the tour guide and do not give guests the opportunity to drive. An alternative is renting your own 4WD for the day and conducting your own tour. All tag along tours conduct a comprehensive briefing prior to the trip departure (usually the day prior).

Can I drive if I have never driven a 4-wheel drive before?

If you have a current drivers licence, then yes! All tag-along tours conduct a comprehensive briefing prior to the trip departure (usually the day prior). Your tour guides will give you an outline of the trip at the briefing, as well as plenty of information and guidance regarding driving along the beach in a 4-wheel drive. They usually include an educational video. Please note, different tours have different restrictions and age limits for drivers. This information is on the specific product page. We recommend Fraser Dingo tag-along tours, or self-drive. 

Is driving on Fraser Island hard?

Driving on Fraser Island is different than driving on a regular paved road or dirt road, as you're driving on the longest sand highway in the world! Depending on the tides and the season, the sand may be too soft or hard, but it is always tide dependent - But it doesn't have to be hard! Steering is different and vehicles react differently to sand than regular roads, and it may take some time to get the hang of it. The inland tracks, which are softer, are similar to driving in the snow and are on narrow roads, so you should take care when driving on them as there is usually only enough space for one vehicle to pass inland. There are dugouts, or ditches where you can pull over to allow larger vehicles to pass as well, so don't get too stressed out if you see an oncoming bus! You also have to consider other factors like the tides, other vehicles, aeroplanes (yes, they land on the sand highway too!) and pedestrians. The most important part of driving on Fraser Island is taking your time, obeying road signs, adhering to speed limits and listening to everything your guide says! 

Do I have to have a special license?

No, you do not have to have a special license - a regular license will do! You must have your license with you in order to drive, and each tour company has different criteria for driving. Consult your tour or ask us to make sure you're able to drive.  

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