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Can I Drive On My K'gari (Fraser Island) Tag Along Tour?

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Gabby Boucher
Updated Tue 16 Jul 2024

Anyone can sign up to drive on a K'gari tag along tour if they meet the requirements! Tag along tours are an amazing way to experience the thrill of driving a 4WD across the largest sand island in the world. You'll be in a guided environment where the tour guide leads the way. Fuel, insurance, vehicle permits, directions, and all other logistics are taken care of for you! You can just enjoy being behind the wheel and driving on a majestic sand island

But there are some important things to know before signing up to drive on a tag along tour, and we're going to cover it all!

girl watching the sunrise from a 4wd on k'gari beach

What is a K'gari tag along tour?

A tag along tour on K'gari is a guided group tour that allows guests to sign up as drivers. They are extremely popular among backpackers and adventure seekers! There is a fleet of 4WD vehicles, usually around 4 that fit 8 guests in each. The tour guide drives the lead vehicle, and the other 4WDs follow behind. Any travellers on the tour who wish to drive one of the following 4WD vehicles can sign up as a driver when booking their tour. However, tag along tours have strict requirements on who can drive to ensure the safety of everyone on tour. 

collection of 4wd vehicles on a tag along tour in the forest

Do I have to drive on a K'gari tag along tour?

No, you don't have to drive on your K'gari tag along tour! Anyone who doesn't wish to drive can just join the tour as a passenger. There is only 1 driver per vehicle, so there is plenty of room for passengers in the car. Those who do wish to drive will rotate so everyone wanting to drive gets a turn!

three girls smiling in the back of a 4wd on k'gari

How do I sign up as a driver on my K'gari tag along tour?

If you want to drive on your K'gari (Fraser Island) tag along tour, check that you meet the requirements and mention while booking that you wish to drive! It's very simple, and the tour operator staff will make the process easy for you. But before you sign up to be a driver, make sure you meet these requirements. 

Each K'gari tag along tour operator is different, but the general requirements for driving a 4WD are...

  • You must be at least 21 years of age
  • You must have a full manual license
  • Your license must have been valid for at least 1-2 years
  • You must be able to show your license on tour
  • You must be able to attend a pre-tour briefing about driving tips and safety on K'gari

man driving a 4wd on the sandy beach of k'gari

Do I need a special license to drive on K'gari?

No, you do not need any type of special license to drive on K'gari. There is no specific 4WD license or international license required for travellers hoping to drive on K'gari. You just have to have a valid manual license from any country. The license must have been valid for at least 1 year and you must be able to bring it with you on the tour as proof!

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What if I have never driven a 4WD before?

There is no previous driving experience required to drive on your K'gari tag along tour! As long as you have a current and valid driver's license, that is sufficient for being allowed to drive. However, if you've never driven a 4WD before, it's important to pay close attention during the pre-tour briefing! 

Before departing for your K'gari tag along tour, the expert guides will give a detailed rundown about the trip. You'll learn how to drive your 4WD and how to navigate on the sand with ease. There are road rules and sand driving tips that will help you stay safe on K'gari. So take the time to listen to your guides and learn all the necessary information. And never be afraid to ask any questions!

pippies lead vehicle parked in front of other 4wds

Is it hard to drive on K'gari?

Driving on K'gari can be challenging because you are driving on sand, but your tag along tour guides will educate you about the best driving tips and safety precautions. That is why tag along tours are perfect for travellers. You can tackle driving a 4WD on sand, but you have an expert guide there with you to help if needed. If you're embarking on a self drive K'gari adventure, you're on your own! So it's important to research road rules and driving tips. But on a tag along tour, you can ditch the stress because local experts are there to ensure everything runs smoothly. 

pink 4wd driving along the beach on k'gari

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