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Age Restrictions for Fraser Island | 4WD Hire & Tag-Along Tours

Fraser Dingo Tag-Along Tours, Maheno Shipwreck Fraser Island

Driving on the world’s largest sand island is an adventure sought by many and navigating the rugged landscape can be both a challenging and rewarding experience. Those visiting Fraser Island can expect a bumpy ride along the 75 Mile Beach sand highway and through the narrow sandy inland tracks with tides, washouts and boggy soft sand to contend with but rewards of spectacular scenery, excellent fishing and extraordinary natural attractions such as Lake McKenzie and Eli Creek.

Ways to see Fraser Island

If this sounds like your type of adventure, there are three ways you can experience driving a 4WD on Fraser Island; by joining a tag-along tour, by hiring a 4WD purposely for your trip or by taking your own 4WD over to Fraser on a barge. All three options require drivers to have a valid drivers licence (Australian or International) and to follow all the road rules the same as you would on mainland Australia. Just because you are driving on the beach doesn’t mean it’s ok to forget your seatbelt and the speed limit! There are no further restrictions for those bringing their own 4WD to Fraser Island, however, if you wish to drive on a tag-along tour or hire a 4WD for your journey, there are some additional restrictions you need to be aware of.

75 Mile Beach, Fraser Island

Fraser Island Tag-Along Tours 

Minimum driver age: 21 - All tours

Tag-along tours are unique to Fraser Island and consist of a convoy of 4WDs with a guide in the lead vehicle that explores Fraser Island’s top destinations by day and stay overnight in a camp under the stars or in a resort. Each 4WD has up to 8 passengers who can choose to take turns driving (no 4WD experience needed!) or sit back and relax as a passenger. Those who wish to drive on a tag-along tour must be over 21 years of age - there is no age restriction to be a passenger.

Fraser Island 4WD Hire

Fraser Dingo Tag-Along Vehicle, Fraser Island

Fraser Dingo 

Minimum driver age: 21 

To hire a 4WD from Fraser Dingo the hirer must be 23 years or older and all drivers of the vehicle must be over 21 years of age, hold a current drivers licence and have had that licence for more than two years. 

All 4wd vehicle hire packages will require a credit card bond - groups under 21 years will be subject to a higher bond amount.

Fraser Dingo 4WD Hire terms and conditions click here for more info.

Aussie Trax, Fraser Island 4WD Hire

Aussie Trax 

Minimum driver age: 21

To hire a 4WD through Aussie Trax you must be at least 21 years old with a current drivers licence (international is fine). All drivers of the vehicle will also need to be over 21 and hold a current drivers licence. 

A standard credit card bond is required for all bookings regardless of the age of the hirer/driver(s).

Note: Nearly all Aussie Trax 4WDs are manual transmission and you will need a manual drivers licence to be able to drive them. However, there are a limited number of automatic 4WDs available so if you need one, make sure you pre-request an automatic vehicle when booking. 

Please read all Aussie Trax Hire terms and conditions here.

Rainbow Beach Adventure Centre

Rainbow Beach Adventure Centre

Minimum driver age: 21

When hiring a 4WD through Rainbow Beach Adventure Centre all hirers and drivers must be aged over 21 years old and have held a current open drivers licence (international accepted) for a minimum of 2 years. 

A credit card security bond will be required for all 4WD hire packages - drivers aged 21-24 will be required to pay a higher bond amount.

Please read all Rainbow Beach Adventure Centre Hire terms and conditions here

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