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Things To Do With Young Kids On K'gari (Fraser Island)

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Gabby Boucher
Updated Mon 04 Mar 2024

Looking for some fun, family-friendly things to do on K'gari (Fraser Island) with young kids? There are plenty of ways to have safe, wholesome fun on the world's largest sand island if you have youngsters. With plenty of natural beauty and stunning tourist attractions, you can have a blast with your family on K'gari (Fraser Island). 

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Best Things To Do With Young Kids On K'gari (Fraser Island)

From swimming in the calm, clear lakes, to meandering through the rainforest, there are so many fun things to do with young kids on K'gari (Fraser Island). Whether you visit as part of a tour, or you're visiting without a tour with your own 4WD vehicle, spending a few days on K'gari is an amazing adventure to have for the whole family. 

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1. Visit Lake McKenzie

Lake McKenzie is one of K'gari's most famous attractions. This is a really great activity for young kids! Though it can get crowded here, there is still plenty of space around this magnificent perched lake where you can spread out and have a nice afternoon with your kids. The water is crystal clear and super clean, as well as calm and shallow. Kids can splash around in Lake McKenzie safely, and they'll have a blast rolling around in the velvety soft sand.

The lake is also just a short walk from the car park as well, so you don't have to trek for ages to reach the water. Lake McKenzie also has a decently-sized public bathroom as well so there is space for washing and changing your young kids. 

Lake McKenzie

2. Switch It Up With A Visit To Lake Birrabeen

A less-popular lake on K'gari (Fraser Island) is Lake Birrabeen. With similar soft white sand to Lake McKenzie, you can have the same type of day here, minus the crowds. Lake Birrabeen is not touristy at all, with only a few guided tours making trips out here. If you want a nice lake day without all the crowds of Lake McKenzie, Lake Birrabeen is a great option. The water is also very flat and calm, though sometimes it looks a bit murkier than Lake McKenzie. However, it's still perfectly clean and lovely for a swim.

You do need to complete a short walk from the day use area to the water, but the path is flat and scenic. Toilets and picnic tables at the day use area make it easy to get your kids organized before hopping back in the car. 

Swimming with kids

3. Stroll Around Central Station

Central Station is another gorgeous spot to visit on K'gari (Fraser Island). It's centrally located on the island, so you don't have to drive too far to get here from any other attractions. This former logging station has lots of informational signs if you want to check them out and educate your kids about the island's history. There are also plenty of peaceful, easy nature walks, and most of them are wide, flat, and easy trails that are doable for young kids. With picnic tables, public toilets, and plenty of parking spaces, Central Station has everything you need for a fun afternoon with the family. 

Central Station

4. Spend The Day At A Resort

Even if you're camping or just visiting K'gari (Fraser Island) for the day, the resorts on the island are a great place to stop for a few hours or hang out all day with your kids. Kingfisher Bay Resort on the west coast or K'gari Beach Resort on the east coast are open for day visitors, and these amazing hotels have lots of amenities. There are places to eat as well as public pools, shops, and bathrooms. So if you're looking for a contained area with modern amenities where you can let the kids play and stock up on supplies, the resorts on K'gari are excellent. 

Kgari Beach Resort

5. Float Down Eli Creek

If you're looking for more water activities to try with your kids, Eli Creek is an awesome place to bring them. This serene, freshwater creek flows gently through the forest and empties out into the ocean. Bring some inflatable tubes or floaties so you and your young ones can drift down the tranquil creek and admire the lush rainforests around you. There are also picnic tables and public toilets here!

If you want to escape the crowds, try to visit Eli Creek in the early morning or late afternoon when the tour buses have left. The creek can get quite crowded at midday, and it might feel overwhelming to share the stream with a bunch of other tourists. So just avoid the crowds and you can have a lovely time here with your kids. 

Eli Creek

6. Hang Out In Orchid Beach

Orchid Beach is a charming little town located near the northern end of K'gari (Fraser Island). It's not very touristy, as most tours don't have time to head all the way up here. But Orchid Beach is full of friendly locals and there are some lovely cafes and accommodation options up here. Let your kids play in the sand on the beach, get a babycino in a cafe, and soak up the relaxing atmosphere here. 

Northern Kgari

7. Admire The Maheno Shipwreck

Another iconic tourist attraction on K'gari (Fraser Island) is the Maheno Shipwreck. Located right on 75 Mile Beach, this historic landmark is fascinating for people of all ages. Kids will be amazed to see a real shipwreck right in front of them! But keep your kids close and remind them not to touch the shipwreck because it is very old, rusty, and potentially dangerous. Just check out the ship from afar!

Maheno Shipwreck

8. Look For Turtles In Lake Allom

One of the less touristy lakes on K'gari (Fraser Island) is Lake Allom. Located a short drive from the Eastern Beach, Lake Allom is famous for its population of freshwater turtles. There is a spacious viewing platform next to the water where you can hang out and look for turtles popping their heads above the surface. If your kids are animal lovers, this is a fabulous place to bring them. 

Lake Allom

9. Play On The Beach

K'gari's Eastern Beach, also known as 75 Mile Beach or the Sand Highway, is a huge expanse of soft sand framed by dunes, forests, and the Pacific Ocean. If your kids love to play in the sand, you can easily find a clear, safe space on the beach for them to frolic and make sand castles.

Just be aware of passing vehicles, as it is a sand highway where cars may be driving fast. Stick to the softer sand near the dunes and always be vigilant about cars coming. Also, be sure not to let them wander into the ocean as the sea around K'gari has notoriously strong currents. If they want to swim, lakes, creeks, or resort pools are the best options. 

75 mile beach

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