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Easter Weekend On K'gari (Fraser Island)

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Gabby Boucher
Updated Tue 05 Mar 2024

Easter Weekend can be an amazing time to visit K'gari (Fraser Island)! Suppose you're an Australian local looking for a family holiday or romantic getaway, or you're a backpacker living and working Down Under on a visa. In that case, Easter Long Weekend means 4 days off work to plan an epic adventure. Or if you're just travelling Australia for leisure, Easter brings gorgeous autumn weather and some fun happenings on the island. Here are some helpful tips for planning your Easter trip to K'gari (Fraser Island)! 

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Easter Weekend on K'gari (Fraser Island)

With 4 public holidays in a row, Easter Weekend provides adventurers with an extended weekend for exploring K'gari! There is so much to see and do on K'gari (Fraser Island), and 3 or 4 days allow you to really slow down, relax, and have more time to swim, hike, camp, and explore the world's largest sand island. 

We've created this guide to Easter on K'gari (Fraser Island) to help you plan your long weekend getaway! This is a busy time to travel in Australia, but it's worth taking advantage of the extra time off work to fully immerse yourself in K'gari's majestic landscapes. 

group walking on the k'gari sand dunes near lake wabby

When is the Easter Long Weekend in Australia?

The 2024 Easter Weekend in Australia is from Friday the 29th of March until Monday the 1st of April. These dates are public holidays in Australia, which means most full-time workers will have the whole long weekend off! If you do still have to work, you'll get public holiday wages which are usually double your standard weekday wage. Whether you have the weekend off or you're working for double pay, these dates are public holidays around Australia in 2024!

  • Good Friday, 29 March 2024
  • Holy Saturday, 30 March 2024
  • Easter Sunday, 31 March 2024
  • Easter Monday, 01 April 2024

girls smiling in front of maheno shipwreck on k'gari

Local events for Easter on K'gari (Fraser Island)

K'gari (Fraser Island) is a very remote and rugged island where nature thrives, but you can still find some Easter celebrations happening at the modern resorts. Kingfisher Bay Resort and K'gari Beach Resort (formerly Eurong Resort) are two of the island's biggest and most developed properties. With lots of amenities, accommodations, and space for events and activities, you can find some fun Easter weekend vibes at these locations on K'gari (Fraser Island). 

So whether you're visiting K'gari (Fraser Island) with your family, or you're a backpacker travelling with friends, add some good-natured festivity to your visit with these local events!

girls laughing on the boardwalk at eli creek on K'gari

Easter at Kingfisher Bay Resort

As the island's largest resort, Kingfisher Bay Resort always ramps up the fun events and activities during the holidays. Here are some things to look forward to during Easter at Kingfisher Bay Resort:

  • Easter Morning egg hunt
  • A visit from the Easter Bunny on Sunday morning
  • Interactive wildlife experiences and fun group activities for kids with the Junior Eco Rangers Program
  • Poolside dining available all day at the Sand Bar and Sand & Wood Restaurant (alcohol not served on Good Friday)

Easter at K'gari Beach Resort

K'gari Beach Resort doesn't have any current events listed on their site, but in the past they have had Easter egg hunts and hot cross buns at their on-site bakery. They may also have great deals on hotel rooms and family specials as well. Even without any special events, K'gari Beach Resort has a stunning beachfront location and plenty of amenities that make this a great place to spend Easter Weekend.

aerial view of K'gari Beach Resort buildings at sunrise

Visiting K'gari (Fraser Island) over the Easter Long Weekend

The Easter Long Weekend is a great time to visit K'gari (Fraser Island)! You can escape the crowds of the big cities and spend 4 blissful days swimming in crystal-clear lakes, hiking through the rainforest, and exploring the landscapes of the world's largest sand island. Even at these busy times of the year, K'gari is so remote and full of wilderness that it never feels overly crowded.

That said, K'gari (Fraser Island) does require a bit of planning because it is such a beautiful and secluded place. Here are some things to know about visiting K'gari (Fraser Island) during the Easter Long Weekend.

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Guided Tours

If you are planning to visit K'gari during the Easter Long Weekend, book in advance to ensure your tour doesn't sell out! This goes for all tours, including private tours, day tours, tag-along tours, resort tours, and everything else. This is one of the busiest weekends of the year because everyone gets 4 days off as opposed to the standard 3 days off. So it's essential to pre-plan your adventures and book tours before they fill up.

Also note that many tour companies have a public holiday surcharge for tours that fall on Easter dates. So double check your tour pages and be aware of any extra costs that you may incur during the holidays. But even with the surcharge, a long weekend on K'gari is 100% worth it! The lush wilderness and opportunities for adventure are unmatched!

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4WD Hire or bringing your own 4WD

If you're visiting K'gari (Fraser Island) without a tour, it's still wise to plan your own independent adventures pretty far in advance. That means booking your vehicle permits, ferry transfers, 4WD hire, and campsites as far ahead as you can to avoid missing out. Australians love to get away for outdoor expeditions on long weekends, so there will be lots of demand for ferries and campsites to K'gari (Fraser Island). 

K'gari may be extra busy as well, so it's a good idea to stock up on supplies just in case things run out at the various general stores around the island. You can never be too prepared for a trip to the world's largest sand island! Pack extra food, drinks, water, fuel, and other essentials just to be safe.

people sitting on a 4WD in the rainforest on k'gari

What is the weather like on K'gari (Fraser Island) over Easter Weekend?

Easter weekend falls at the end of March and the beginning of April, meaning it's autumn on K'gari (Fraser Island). This is an absolutely gorgeous time to visit the island, as the hot summer temperatures have dropped off a bit. Autumn on K'gari sees warm but not overly hot temperatures that are generally around 18 degrees Celsius at night and 26 degrees Celsius during the day. 

March is the end of the rainy season in Queensland. Though K'gari (Fraser Island) is located in the south of Queensland and doesn't have an intense tropical rainy season like the north of the state, there is still increased rainfall in December, January, February, and March. But with Easter falling at the very end of March, the chances of rain decrease. It's still very likely that you'll see sunny days year-round on K'gari, so you shouldn't worry too much about the rain. Queensland is called the "Sunshine State" after all!

people swimming with floats in the champagne pools on k'gari

What to pack for Easter Long Weekend on K'gari (Fraser Island)

Your packing list for K'gari (Fraser Island) shouldn't vary too much at different times of the year. Comfy, outdoorsy clothes, good footwear for hiking, sandals for the beach, swimwear, a towel, and sun protection are the most important things to pack for K'gari. As is a camera and a water bottle! As the weather starts to cool down, you may want to pack a heavier jumper for the nights and mornings, especially if you're camping. It's always a good idea to have a rain jacket as well just in case. 

Other than being prepared for the elements, you don't need to pack much at all if you're on a guided tour! Everything essential is taken care of for you. If you're hiring a 4WD or bringing your own vehicle, you just may want to pack extra necessities in case the shops are super busy or selling out of goods. It's always smart to have recovery gear, a first aid kit, and a radio in case you need to get in touch with someone in an emergency (phone signal isn't reliable on the island). 

tents in the wilderness on k'gari (Fraser Island)

Bringing your kids to K'gari (Fraser Island) for Easter

Easter is a super popular time to take a family holiday to K'gari (Fraser Island)! The long weekend gives you plenty of time to travel to the island and back without rushing. This stunning oasis of natural beauty makes for a fun and adventurous family trip with lots of fun things to do for kids of all ages.

Guided resort tours are the ideal way to explore the island with kids because you can stay in your own family room and let your tour guide take care of all the logistics. There is much less planning involved with guided tours, so you and your family can just show up and have a blast on K'gari (Fraser Island)!

These K'gari tours are perfect for families!

If you have any more questions about visiting K'gari during Easter Weekend, live chat with our local travel experts and we'll help you plan your holiday!

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