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Is There Surf Off K'gari (Fraser Island)?

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Gabby Boucher
Updated Wed 08 Mar 2023

There is surf off K’gari (Fraser Island), but it is only recommended for very experienced surfers. As the largest sand island in the world, K’gari (Fraser Island) is a stunning location off the east coast of Queensland, Australia. Due to its remoteness and untouched wilderness, the island tends to attract adventurous travelers who love to spend time outdoors. Camping, fishing, 4WD driving, swimming, and hiking are all common pastimes on K’gari. 

As an island surrounded by ocean, surfers may be wondering if there is surf off of K’gari (Fraser Island). There are a few good surf spots on the island’s east coast! The west coast is situated between the island and the mainland and therefore doesn’t receive swell. Although there are waves on K’gari’s eastern side, the ocean around the island is notoriously quite dangerous. Only the most experienced and confident surfers should tackle the waves off K’gari!

K'gari coastline

Is It Safe To Surf On K’gari (Fraser Island)?

Though it is possible to surf off K’gari (Fraser Island), it is not considered safe. However, it is doable, and if you’re an expert surfer you can definitely surf here. But remember, K’gari’s oceans are not recommended for surfers who lack experience, and swimming is definitely not recommended. 

So why is it not safe to surf off K’gari (Fraser Island)? The ocean here has very strong currents and rips are common. Though rips can help surfers paddle out the back, be aware of shifting and intense currents. These currents make the beaches unswimmable for the average person, and even strong swimmers can get sucked out. But a super fit and confident surfer could probably handle it, just be wary of the intense rips!

Another reason why it’s not considered safe to surf on K’gari is sharks. Sharks are commonly spotted along the coastline of K’gari, with great whites and tiger sharks frequenting the area. Though a large number of sharks represents a healthy ocean ecosystem, it’s not a good sign for surfers. The beaches of K’gari are also not patrolled by lifeguards, and there is a good chance you’ll be the only one in the water if you choose to surf here!

75 Mile Beach

Where Are The Best Surf Spots Off K’gari (Fraser Island)?

If sharks and rips don’t scare you, and you’re looking for some rippable, uncrowded waves, there are some good spots around K’gari. As long as you’re comfortable with the risks you’re taking by surfing in this remote place, you can catch some great waves and most likely have them all to yourself. Here are a few of the best places to surf on K’gari (Fraser Island). 

Maheno Beach

Maheno Beach refers to the section of 75 Mile Beach where you will find the famous Maheno Shipwreck. Just off the coast from this popular tourist attraction, you can surf an exposed beach break with reliable surf that is good year-round. There are lefts and rights, and these uncrowded waves work at all tides. The waves are best when the winds come from the west. Visit at sunrise to take some epic photos of the Maheno Shipwreck before your surf!

Maheno Shipwreck

Waddy Point

Another one of the best places to surf on K’gari is Waddy Point. This headland located on the island’s northeast is near the Champagne Pools and Indian Head Lookout. There is also a popular campsite at Waddy Point. The rocky headland creates a right-hand point break that is perfect when winds come from the south or southwest. This wave is at its best during winter, particularly in June. But this area of K’gari has constant shark sightings so make sure you’re cautious when surfing here!

Waddy Point

Conclusions About Surfing On K’gari (Fraser Island)

Though you can surf some uncrowded waves off K’gari (Fraser Island), it is a potentially unpredictable, isolated, and dangerous place to surf! If you’re really keen to shred some waves in Queensland, you’d be better off heading to the Gold Coast or Noosa for waves. K’gari is a very remote location with lots of sharks, riptides, and no lifeguards. There is no hospital on the island and cell phone reception is limited. 

So it isn’t the best place to surf in Australia. However, if you are a strong surfer with lots of experience surfing in remote locations, there is nothing stopping you from surfing off K’gari! There are some epic, uncrowded waves that you can surf if you’re confident. But we would recommend sticking to the safer activities on K’gari such as swimming in the lakes, floating down the creeks, or hiking in the rainforest

Surfing in Noosa

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