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The Top 12 Fraser Island Icons

Fraser Island is one of the most iconic islands in the world. It is the world’s largest sand island and is known for its stunning natural attractions and history. Over a half a million people visit the island each year to explore and enjoy its shores, venturing to its inner forests and into its lakes and creeks. It is famed for its off-road driving, as only 4WD vehicles are allowed on the island, providing an exhilarating experience every minute of the day. You can venture to the island on your own in a self-guided tour, or join one of the many tours that guide guests around the island. You can choose from 1 day tours, 2 day tours and 3 day tours that will take you to some of the top highlights and icons! We have listed the top 12 iconic locations below to inspire you on your upcoming trip and get you excited for your Fraser Island adventure.

1. Lake McKenzie

Lake McKenzie is one of the most iconic locations on Fraser Island. It’s visited by most day and overnight tours and is known as a premier swimming destination! The fresh, clear water lake is surrounded by soft white sands, where you will often find people relaxing in the sun or shade. It is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places on the island and is definitely a must-see while touring on Fraser. You can read more about Lake McKenzie here.

2. Eli Creek

Eli Creek is the largest creek on the eastern side of the island. It’s known as a great place to enjoy a lazy river float, with visitors bringing along tubes and inflatables with them. The freshwater creek starts inland on the island, high in the dunes, bringing water from the centre of the island out into the open ocean. Each hour the creek pours 4 million litres into the surrounding saltwater, oftentimes entertaining tourists along the way. There is a short boardwalk that leads you up to an open section of the creek, where you can hop in and enjoy floating, swimming and even walking down. The creek is shallow and refreshing and offers a great place to cool down and enjoy the beautiful sunshine and stunning surroundings. You can read more about Eli Creek here.

3. Champagne Pools

Champagne Pools is one of the more isolated destinations on the island. Found on the eastern side, it is 2.2km past Indian Head and far away from most other attractions. For this reason, this location is even more special to visit! You can enjoy the naturally formed rock pools on the ocean’s edge, feeling like you are on the edge of the earth itself! This is the only place on the island where you can safely enjoy the saltwater, as the rock pools capture the ocean water, creating a jacuzzi like feeling. With each wave, the pools are renewed with cool water, which bubbles and fizzes around you, creating the champagne-like feeling that they are so named for. You can read more about Champagne Pools here.

champagne pools, fraser island

4. Indian Head

Indian Head is Fraser Island’s premier lookout point. It is also found on the eastern side of the island and provides stunning views of the coastline, beaches and surrounding ocean. From the edge, you can often see turtles, whales, rays and sharks in the water below and take amazing photos of your surroundings. The headland is a short bushwalk from the beach below and worth every step it takes to reach the top. You can read more about Indian Head and its history here.

5. SS Maheno Shipwreck

The SS Maheno is Fraser Island’s resident shipwreck. Forced on the island during a cyclone in 1935, it has since been an attraction to all those who visit! The Maheno is probably one of the most delicate of the island’s attractions since, with each passing tide, more and more of the shipwreck sinks into the island or becomes part of the sea. Today, the rusting hull of the shipwreck is a shadow of its former glory but is still an exciting sight to see while driving along 75 Mile Beach. You can take photos and admire from afar, but it’s strictly enforced that you don’t get too near to the rusting wreck. It is to be looked at, but not touched, in hopes of preserving it for many years to come. You can read more about the shipwreck here

6. The Pinnacles

The Pinnacles are a natural record of the history of Fraser Island. The layered sands of the Pinnacles stand in giant mounds and illustrate the vast natural evolution of the island. The varied colours of red, yellow and orange represent years and decades of erosion and the build-up of sand, which have created a colossal attraction that is noted for its beauty and uniqueness. This is a great place to bring your camera, especially after it’s rained, and try to capture the 72 different colours that layer themselves before you. You can read more about the Pinnacles here.

7. Lake Wabby

Lake Wabby is one of the more special lakes on Fraser Island. It is both a window and barrage lake and is the only one of its kind on the island. It also has the misfortune of a short lifespan; Lake Wabby shrinks with each passing year as it is slowly being absorbed by Hammerstone Sandblow, on which it is found. The lake will only last about another century before it is gone completely, leaving behind only its memory. For now, it’s a great place to swim and explore, enjoying the huge surrounding sandblow and cool fresh water. You can read more about Lake Wabby here.

8. Lake Birrabeen

Lake Birrabeen is another perched lake found on Fraser Island. It is often compared to the famous Lake McKenzie and is often overlooked in its beauty. This lake also has clear, cool waters and surrounding white shores, but has the luxury of fewer people! This is a great place go to and escape the crowds while enjoying a freshwater oasis on the beautiful Fraser Island. You can read more about Lake Birrabeen here.

lake birrabeen

9. Central Station

Central Station is the location of a former logging camp on Fraser Island. While logging has long since been stopped on the island, the station provides a great place to hang out and relax during your days of exploring. The historic location is found in the heart of the island in the middle of the rainforest and gives you a chance to appreciate the beauty of the trees, ferns, flowers and animals on Fraser Island. This is a popular camping location, with tent sites, fenced-in areas, toilets, picnic tables and more. You can read more about Central Station here.

10. 75 Mile Beach

75 Mile Beach is the main beach found on the eastern side of the island. It also functions as a highway for 4WD vehicles and landing strip for air places, and is certainly the busiest place for traffic! Driving along 75 Mile Beach offers a unique experience as you have to navigate the sand dunes and creeks while obeying all the rules of a regular road. The wind and tides are constantly changing the landscape, making this one of the most fun and most challenging places to 4WD in the world! You can read more about the beach here.

11. Dingoes

Fraser Island is famous for its dingo population. They are found to be the purest of all dingoes in the world and are of interest to both scientists and tourists alike! There are about 150 dingoes on the island at any given time, and can be found pretty much everywhere you go! They are inquisitive by nature and are known for their fearlessness of humans and are often prone to walking straight up to them! However cute, it’s important to be dingo safe as they are wild animals. Dingoes are considered to be one of the top animals to see in Australia, and there is no better place than right here on Fraser Island! You can read more about dingoes here.


12. Sand Dunes

Since Fraser Island is entirely made of sand, you can imagine that it is home to many dunes, beaches and sandblows. They make up the landscape of the island we love and are the foundation of each and every part of the island. Juvenile sand dunes can be spotted on the shoreline and are often covered in soft grasses and new growth, while the more stable, older dunes are the basis for the rainforest and lakes. They are everywhere and an iconic part of the island and at the foundation of every part you see! You can read more about sand dunes here.

sand dunes, fraser island

Different tours have different itineraries that will visit a variety of these locations. If any one of them is important to you, be sure to mention it to your travel consultant so we can help you choose the right tour to visit your favoured locations! 

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