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10 Unusual Things To Do On K'gari (Fraser Island)

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Gabby Boucher
Updated Tue 04 Jul 2023

As one of Australia's most unique and beautiful travel destinations, K'gari (Fraser Island) is full of wonders. There is an endless of incredible things to see and do, and it's easy to just follow the normal tourist trail and hit the usual hotspots on the island. The popular tourist attractions are absolutely worth it - they are famous for a reason! But if you're an intrepid traveller looking to escape the crowds, try something new, and see a less-touristy side of the world's largest sand island, here are some unusual things to do in K'gari (Fraser Island)!


10 Unusual Things To Do On K'gari (Fraser Island)

These 10 unusual things to do on K'gari (Fraser Island) are simply some interesting ways to experience this famous island. If it's your first time here, a guided tour is a great way to see the island and experience the major tourist attractions. The popular lakes, hikes, and landmarks on K'gari are absolutely amazing, so don't skip out on the most famous spots! This list of unusual things to do is for those travellers who have already done the touristy stuff and would like to try something new while exploring this fascinating island.  

K'gari beach

Bike Across The Island

A unique way to explore K'gari (Fraser Island) is by bike! Motorbikes are a less conventional way to travel around K'gari, mainly because the terrain is so rugged and is better suited towards hefty 4WD vehicles. But you are allowed to ride a motorbike on K'gari, as long as the bike is registered and road worthy. You still need to get a vehicle access permit and ferry transfers. 

Ferry to K'gari

Stay In Orchid Beach

One of the more unusual things to do on K'gari (Fraser Island) is staying in Orchid BeachThis tiny town on the island's northeast shore sees a small number of tourists, but it's made up of mainly Aussie locals who have created a home for themselves on K'gari. Guided tours don't normally visit Orchid Beach, though it's quite close to the Champagne Pools and Indian Head Lookout

In Orchid Beach, you can stay at a cozy guesthouse and soak in the local way of life. Swim, fish, hike, and explore this underappreciated corner of K'gari. And you can do it all without the crowds!

Fishing K'gari

Camp Amongst The Wilderness

K'gari (Fraser Island) is full of incredible campgrounds. The majority of overnight tours stay at more established campgrounds with full amenities and more of a glamping style. A way to get off the beaten path on K'gari is camping at a more remote camping site where it's really just you and the wilderness. 

Remote campgrounds, such as beach campsites and those on the north or west coast of the island, generally have no amenities and no dingo-fencing. So make sure you're prepared and you practice safe camping methods. Follow all the national park rules, book your campsites, get your permits, and come prepared because these remote campgrounds will remove you from all the comforts of modern life and leave you to bond with the natural world!

Camping K'gari

Hike To Basin Lake

Basin Lake is one of the lesser-known lakes on K'gari (Fraser Island). It's a relatively small perched lake that is a lovely spot for a swim without all the crowds of Lake McKenzie. To reach Basin Lake, park at the Central Station day use area and then embark on a 5.6km return hike to the lake! Enjoy a peaceful hike through shady tree canopies, and allow about 3 hours in total for the hike there and back. 

Basin Lake

See Stripes Of Coloured Sands

Another cool place to check out on K'gari (Fraser Island) is the PinnaclesThese towering layers of coloured sands are an incredible natural phenomenon. Though some tours do include a stop at the Pinnacles, it's still a very cool sight to see and there aren't normally big crowds here. 


Visit Lake Birrabeen

If you're looking for another stunning lake on the island that doesn't have many crowds, Lake Birrabeen is a great option! This large perched lake has silky white sand and refreshing water like Lake McKenzie, but it's far less touristy. Some tours visit Lake Birrabeen, but not many. Here you can go swimming, paddleboarding, kayaking, or sunbathing in a serene natural environment. 


Treat Yourself To A Nice Meal

For an island that's known for rugged landscapes and wilderness adventures, enjoying a nice meal in a restaurant is actually one of the more unusual things to do on K'gari! There are a few highly-rated restaurants, bars, and cafes around the island where you can sit down for a nice dinner, grab a cocktail, and enjoy a little luxury. 

Though these fancy places aren't the main draw to K'gari, this can be a fun way to treat yourself in between outdoor adventures. K'gari Beach Resort on the island's eastern beach has a nice restaurant, and Kingfisher Bay Resort is home to a few restaurants and bars. Driftwood Bar in Orchid Beach is another great place to go for a meal. 

K'gari Beach Resort

See Lake McKenzie Late In The Day

No visit to K'gari is complete without visiting the world-famous Lake McKenzieThis iconic freshwater lake is definitely worth the hype, but it can be a bit off-putting for those who don't like crowds. Lake McKenzie is huge, so even at the busiest time of day, you can usually find a spot to yourself. 

However, if you want to avoid all the crowds, visit Lake McKenzie around 4 pm or later! By this time, most day tours will have left the island, and most overnight tours will be settling into their accommodations. You will likely be the only one there, except for a few other travellers. The sunset glow over Lake McKenzie is also gorgeous. 

Lake McKenzie

Explore The Western Coast

Another one of the more unusual things to do on K'gari (Fraser Island) is spending some time on the west coast. With the exception of Kingfisher Bay Resort, most tourists congregate near the east coast, so you'll rarely encounter other travellers while traversing the west coast. 

It's important to note that the west coast is much more rugged than the east. The sand is soft and the tracks aren't as well defined, so it's much more common to get bogged over here. Make sure you have a sturdy, high-clearance 4WD and recovery gear just in case. But if you navigate the sandy tracks well, you can camp, fish, paddleboard, kayak, and swim on the pristine west coast. 


Spot Turtles In Lake Allom

In addition to Basin Lake and Lake Birrabeen, Lake Allom is another less-touristy lake on K'gari (Fraser Island). Located along a windy 4WD track, Lake Allom is not far from the eastern coast of the island. Famous for its population of freshwater turtles, there is a spacious viewing platform here where you can spot wildlife and admire the vast wilderness around this unique lake. 

Lake Allom

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