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Top Free Things To Do On K'gari (Fraser Island)

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Gabby Boucher
Updated Tue 24 Jan 2023

If you’re traveling Australia on a budget, you may be wondering if there are any free things to do on K’gari (Fraser Island). The answer is yes! Most of the attractions on K’gari are part of nature, and therefore they are free! But keep in mind, K’gari is a very remote destination, so you do need to spend some money to make sure you have the right equipment and permits for your trip. But once you’ve sorted all the essentials, add these free things to do on K’gari to your itinerary!

people walking in creek

Free Things To Do On K’gari (Fraser Island)

Swim in Lake McKenzie

The iconic Lake McKenzie is one of the best things to see in Australia. With gleaming white sands that feel like velvet and sapphire blue water that feels like heaven, you’ll be pinching yourself to see if this spot is even real!

Visiting Lake McKenzie is completely free! Show up with just your bathing suit and your camera and get ready for a beautiful day on K’gari. 

floating on lake

Watch the Sunrise and Sunset

Another one of the best free things to do on K’gari is watching the sunrise. With coastlines that face both east and west, this island has endless scenic spots for watching the sun burst into the morning sky or set below the horizon. 

Spend some time scoping out the beaches and finding your perfect sunrise or sunset-viewing location. The pristine coastline, majestic ocean, and surrounding rainforests make K’gari one of the nicest places to watch the sunrise or sunset in Australia!

people on beach at sunrise

See the Maheno Shipwreck

The famous Maheno Shipwreck is a rather unusual attraction on K’gari, but it’s free so it’s worth checking out! Located on 75 Mile Beach, this massive shipwreck from 1935 showcases the remains of the ocean liner, SS Maheno. Rock up here to take some cool photos, or watch the sunrise on the eastern-facing beach. 

aerial view of shipwreck on beach

Swim in the Champagne Pools

If you’re looking for another cool place to swim on K’gari, the Champagne Pools are a popular spot. With natural rock formations creating an oceanfront pool, you can splash around in the salt water without having to worry about the dangerous currents around K’gari. 

Just try to visit the Champagne Pools at low tide when the waves aren’t as intense. On a sunny day at low tide, floating around in these rock pools is one of the best free things to do on K’gari!

aerial view of rock pools

Go Hiking

If you’re an active traveler, you will love all the incredible hiking trails on K’gari! From leisurely strolls to epic multi-day treks, there are trails scattered all over the island. There is no better way to explore the unique rainforests of K’gari than hiking. Central Station is a great place to start for day walks. Or tackle the K’gari Great Walk if you want to combine all the island’s highlights into one adventurous trek!

hiking in forest

Visit Indian Head Lookout

Located on the northeastern edge of the island, Indian Head Lookout offers beautiful views of K’gari’s landscape. This small headland is actually the easternmost point on the island! Drive up here, stroll onto the headland, and admire the panoramic views of this remote and rugged corner of Australia. 

rocky headland

Walk to Lake Wabby

Lake Wabby is an incredibly special location on K’gari. This perched lake is formed entirely of rainwater and doesn’t connect to the ocean. It is situated next to the Hammerstone Sand Blow, and may eventually disappear due to the shifting of the sand over time. 

Embark on a scenic walk over the sand dunes to reach this gorgeous freshwater lake while it’s still here. Go for a swim, soak in the sun, and enjoy another free activity on K’gari!

people swimming in Lake Wabby

Go Wildlife-Spotting

Another one of the best free things to do on K’gari is wildlife spotting! This magical island is packed with wildlife, both on the shore and in the surrounding oceans. Head up to Indian Head Lookout to see if you can spot some whales during the winter months! You may also be able to see dolphins or sharks year-round. Or head to Lake Allom to see some adorable freshwater turtles. 

Also keep your eyes peeled for dingoes! K’gari is home to a healthy population of wild dingoes and chances are you may spot a few while driving around the island. While hiking through the rainforest, also listen for native birds. Just remember to always admire wildlife from a safe distance!


Float down Eli Creek

Last but not least on this list of free things to do on K’gari is floating down Eli Creek. This stunning stream flows through the rainforests of the island and empties out into the ocean on the east coast. Because of the natural filtration systems, the water here is clean enough to drink!

Fill up your water bottles, go for a stroll along the boardwalk, relax at the picnic area, or float down the calm waters of Eli Creek. This serene location is surrounded by lush forests and is a truly beautiful spot on the island

floating down Eli Creek

 Is K’gari (Fraser Island) Expensive?

Of course, there is no way to visit K’gari completely for free. You need a 4WD to drive around the island, and you need to pay for ferry rides and vehicle permits. If you don’t have your own 4WD, you can hire one! Securing a 4WD will be your biggest expense. But it’s worth it! 

If you’re visiting K’gari for more than one day, you’ll also need accommodation! Camping permits for the 45 camping spots on the island are super affordable, and there are hostels with cheap dorm rooms as well as luxury suites. You’ll also need food and other supplies. Once you’ve covered all your essentials for visiting K’gari, you can save money by prioritizing these free activities!

driving 4wd on beach

K’gari (Fraser Island) Tours

If you don’t want to organize everything yourself, you can also book guided tours! 3-day 2-night tours are surprisingly affordable, and they include all your transportation via 4WD, accommodation, fees and permits, and food!

So once you add everything up, a guided tour is a similar price to planning everything on your own. It just depends on whether you want the freedom of going alone, or if you want to share your experience with the local guides and fellow travelers on a guided tour!

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Check out our top-rated 3-Day K’gari Tours, or look into hiring a 4WD!

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